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Learning to drive is a major milestone in a young life, and your choice of a drivers ed program is very important. Through our comprehensive approach, we go way beyond state requirements to ensure that DriveSafe students are fully prepared to make safe choices when driving. As the largest driving school in Colorado, we bring years of expertise to ensure that our students have the skills and understanding to be lifelong safe drivers.

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In our classrooms, well-trained instructors focus on the importance of making safe choices and cover all the information each student needs to understand before even sitting in the driver’s seat. Our program has been approved by the State DMV, but we go beyond what is required and ensure that each student understands what safe driving entails.

In The Classroom
In the Car

In our cars, certified driving instructors work one-on-one, focusing on skills that are tailored to the needs of each student. The three two-hour drives build in complexity and focus, beginning with Car Control and Road Management (Drive 1), Risk Management (Drive 2) and Advanced Safe Decision Making (Drive 3). At the end of each drive, the driving instructor will discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses with each parent, creating a team-based communication that allows parents to continue instructing the student properly as they practice between driving lessons.

At DriveSafe, we believe in open communication with our students and their parents. If you have any question or issue, never hesitate to contact us.

The DriveSafe Credo


  • Knowledgeable about State driving laws and all course material.
  • Prepared for every driving lesson and class.
  • We demonstrate confidence and composure.


  • Ask appropriate questions.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently.
  • Create an interactive and positive learning environment.

Caring & Motivating

  • Use encouraging language.
  • Build confidence in each student.
  • Build on each student's skills and experience.
  • Focus driving lessons and classes on safe decision-making.

Role Models & Professionals

  • Model adult behavior.
  • Use the DriveSafe approach and methods.
  • Team players who respect each other and our students.