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Why Drivesafe?

As the largest and most trusted driving school in Colorado, DriveSafe is committed to delivering the most comprehensive driver’s education. With the Drive Safe for Life SystemTM, our curriculum focuses on building confidence and teaching safe driving habits in a highly engaging manner. Whether you are looking to enroll in a comprehensive classroom course, coming in for driving lessons, or opting to take the license test with DriveSafe, know that DriveSafe is trusted by more families in Colorado than any other driving school.

DriveSafe - Highlands Ranch - AAA Partnership
February 16, 2019
DriveSafe's Highlands Ranch Location Is the First AAA Approved Driving School in Colorado!
Our Highlands Ranch driving school is now the first AAA Approved Driving School in Colorado! Learn more about what this program is and how it will help our mission to make our roads safer.
Safely Driving in Inclement Winter Weather Conditions
January 18, 2019
Winter Driving Safety Tips
From preparing your vehicle for winter to learning how to handle a skid, these tips from Colorado's most trusted driving school will help you safely prepare for winter road conditions.
Ten Tips to Help Teens Drive Safely
December 14, 2018
10 Tips to Safe Driving (That Will Help Your Teen Pass the Drivers License Test)
As you enroll your teen in a Colorado driving school, it's important to think about how your own driving behavior will influence your teen. These 10 tips will help you be an ideal driving role model.
Colorado Graduated Licensing Laws & Age Restrictions for New Teen Drivers
November 28, 2018
Colorado Graduated Licensing Laws – What Every Parent Needs to Know
Colorado Graduated Licensing Laws are designed to keep young drivers safe. As your teen gets closer to completing drivers ed, it's important to fully understand the laws that impact teen drivers.
Eight Tips for Parents Teaching Their Teens How to Drive
November 17, 2018
Eight Tips to Help Prepare Your Teen to Learn to Drive
Is your teen ready to learn to drive? From choosing a trusted Colorado driving school to teaching responsibility on the road, these eight tips will help your teen prepare to get behind the wheel.