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Why Drivesafe?

As the largest and most trusted driving school in Colorado, DriveSafe is committed to delivering the most comprehensive driver’s education. With the Drive Safe for Life SystemTM, our curriculum focuses on building confidence and teaching safe driving habits in a highly engaging manner. Whether you are looking to enroll in a comprehensive classroom course, coming in for driving lessons, or opting to take the license test with DriveSafe, know that DriveSafe is trusted by more families in Colorado than any other driving school.

Driving safely in the heat
July 1, 2020
7 Safe Driving Tips to Keep in Mind This Summer in Colorado
These tips from Colorado's most trusted driving school will help you enjoy being in the drivers seat while staying safe in the summer heat!
learning to drive
May 8, 2020
Online Drivers Ed in Colorado: What to Know and Consider
Teens can conveniently access drivers ed from the comfort of their own homes with digital courses. Learn more about the variety of benefits that online drivers education provides.
Colorado Winter Driving
March 25, 2020
Nighttime Driving: How to Stay Safe After Sundown
Learn from Colorado's most trusted driving school experts how to safely navigate the challenges of driving after dark.
Choosing the Best Driving School
February 1, 2020
How to Find a Reliable Denver-Metro Driving School
If you or your teen are looking for a trustworthy driving school in the Denver-Metro area, this article breaks down how to pick the option that's right for you
Colorado Winter Driving
January 2, 2020
5 Tips for Keeping Teen Drivers Safe During Colorado Winters
Colorado's snowy roads can be intimidating for new drivers. If you're a parent of a newly licensed motorist, use these tips to keep your son or daughter safe this winter!
Teenage driver safety tips in high school parking lots
November 11, 2019
How Drivers Can Make Roads Safer for Everyone
When it comes to keeping roads safe for all parties, every driver plays an important role. These tips highlight some practical things you can do to improve your own driving skills!
Help Teens Stay Safe Driving
October 20, 2019
Teen Driver Safety Awareness: How to Help Young Motorists Protect Themselves Behind the Wheel
The experts at Colorado's most trusted driving school are preparing for Teen Driver Safety Week by listing the most important habits for staying safe while driving.
Teenage driver safety tips in high school parking lots
September 30, 2019
Beware the High School Parking Lot
Is your teen ready to drive to school? These tips will help your teenager stay safe and keep his/her vehicle intact while navigating the bustling high school parking lot.
Safe Driving Guide in Growing Denver Traffic
July 5, 2019
Driving Safely in Denver-Metro: A Guide for New Drivers and New Residents
If you're new to driving or new to Denver-Metro, this safe driving guide will help you navigate the area's unique terrain.
sharing the road with cyclists
May 14, 2019
How Drivers Can Safely Share the Road with Bicyclists in Colorado
Sharing the road with cyclists doesn't have to be stressful. These tips will help new and seasoned motorists alike learn how to keep driving safely as more bikes pop up on the streets.