Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

How DriveSafe is handling COVID-19

DriveSafe Driving Schools - Coronavirus Update.

Update: May 7th, 2020

DriveSafe Families,

As of Saturday, May 9th, all of our centers will again be open for driving lessons, license tests, permit tests, and defensive skills days (all by appointment only). We thank you for your patience over the past six weeks and we ask for just a little more, as you may experience longer than usual hold times when you call us. As we prepare for a busy summer ahead, we are working hard to meet all of our customers’ needs.

In the interest of putting safety first for our students and staff, we will only run our LIVE ONLINE classes and NOT run live, in-center 30-hour or Driver Awareness classes for the months of May and June. Conditions permitting, we will resume live classes the week of July 6th.

If you are already enrolled (or interested) in live classes, you have the option to:

  1. Enroll in/switch to our live, online Zoom class (hundreds of students already have)!
  2. Enroll in/switch to our self-paced online course.
  3. Enroll in/switch to a live class scheduled for July 6th or later.


Also, when you arrive at a center for a driving lesson or test, please observe the following safety protocols:

  1. When arriving at a center, open the door and announce your name.
  2. Once acknowledged, please wait outside until invited in.
  3. Anyone in the center must wear mask and gloves.
  4. Students in cars must wear masks and gloves.
  5. Students taking permit tests should bring their own pencil, mask, gloves, and photo id.


Stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Ben Baron

Update: April 23rd, 2020

DriveSafe Families,

In recent days, many of you have reached out to DriveSafe with questions as to when we will reopen our centers and resume in-car training and testing. Moreover, you may have just heard Governor Polis announce that companies providing one-on-one services are approved to open May 4th.

Please know that we are VERY eager begin serving our communities again. Because driver’s education is regulated by Colorado’s Department of Revenue, we need clearance from the Governor that we can open for business.

At DriveSafe, we consider driver’s education and testing to be essential for public safety. For those of you who have had to reschedule your driving lessons or license tests, we share your frustration as we await word from the Governor’s Office.

If you share our view that driver’s education and testing are one-on-one activities that are important and should be permitted as soon as possible, please help us by contacting the Governor’s Office directly and letting them know how you feel. Here is the contact information:

Constituent Services: 303-866-2885

Governor’s Office, Front Desk: 303-866-2471

To ensure the safety of students, staff and instructors, we have established safety protocols, including the required use of masks and gloves, that meet or exceed public guidelines. We will communicate these protocols to you before your driving lesson or test.

Thank you for being part of the DriveSafe family. Please stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Ben Baron

Update: March 25th, 2020

Dear Baron Education (DriveSafe and CollegeDrive) Families,

Over the past 10 days, all of our lives have changed dramatically. I know this has impacted many of you and has led to quick changes to your teens’ schedules, quite often in the form of changed or cancelled lessons. To the extent that we gave little notice when making these changes or communicated them brusquely, I apologize. Our entire business is built around our positive relationship with our families, and we would never choose to put that at risk.

Like you, we have been dealing with the rapidly shifting landscape, and have had to do so in the 12 markets we serve, all governed by different municipalities, and many with conflicting guidelines. Most recently we were given less than 24 hours’ notice to shut down our centers.

Moving forward, we will endeavor to provide more constant communication with our families, and to do so in the positive manner befitting our company, whose sole mission is to prepare our students for their future and help them reach their greatest potential.

For DriveSafe, here’s where we stand: Our traditional 30-hour classroom course is now being offered live online via Zoom. We have completed one series of classes and are three days into the second (two more series are scheduled to complete the “Spring Break” cycle). In April and May, we will continue running live online classes on weekends and weeknights. Feedback from students, parents, and teachers has been extremely positive. In fact, our teachers have commented that student participation has been even greater than in our in-center classes! We fully expect to be running live in-center classes again by late May, if not sooner. We will keep you apprised.

For those of you whose driving lesson or license test had to be cancelled on short notice, we are sorry. We anticipate being able to resume lessons and tests in mid to late April. As soon as we are cleared to begin working with our students, we will let you know and start scheduling again.

For CollegeDrive, the school shutdowns have turned everyone’s plans upside down. Although we do not yet know the date that the State will administer the SAT, we do know it’s coming. Our recommendation to juniors is to sign up for the national test date on June 6th and or the ACT on June 13th as these dates will fill up fast.

Our best advice to juniors is to keep prepping! Preparing for standardized tests takes time; it is not like preparing for school tests where you might get by with cramming. Use the extra window of time before the exam wisely, and you will be paid off with a higher test score. As you may already know, all of our classes and tutoring have been converted to live online via Zoom.

Upcoming Express Prep classes will run via Zoom on the originally scheduled dates. Check the times as they may have changed . We’re very pleased to report that CollegeDrive’s average score improvements: 140 pts. SAT and 4 pts. ACT are the same online as they are in-person. Finally, Academic Subject Tutoring might be a good option for students who will need to get through a lot of material, with less guidance than usual, over the next two months.

Thank you for being part of the Baron Education community. We appreciate that now more than ever. Here’s to a de-escalation of the public health crisis and the resumption of our normal lives. Until then, please stay healthy.


Ben Baron

Update: March 15th, 2020

Dear DriveSafe Family,

Thank you for entrusting your student’s driver’s education to DriveSafe Driving Schools. We consider you and your student part of our DriveSafe family, and we appreciate that you and your family are making thoughtful decisions about your activities with the recent news about the coronavirus.

We, too, are monitoring the news. We will do everything possible to make sure your student can complete their driver’s education in a safe and healthy environment. We want to ask your consideration and make you aware of options for you and your student.

First, please do not send your student to class or for behind-the-wheel lessons if they are not feeling well. We need to be especially respectful of the close quarters for students and instructors in our cars and classrooms. We have also advised our instructors to not come in for work if they are ill.

We have advised our instructors that during this time they can cancel an in-car lesson with a student who arrives visibly sick. Those sessions will be rescheduled. Our Managers will contact families for students who arrive to class visibly ill.

Second, be aware that your student’s enrollment has no expiration date. Classes can be made up and taken out of order, except class 8 must be last. In addition, one unique feature of DriveSafe is that you can switch an inclass package to the 30-hour online class with just a simple phone call to our team. The State does require that all 30 hours be completed fully in one format or the other. There is no hybrid option.

For parents, we have posted our Parent Orientation, offered at the beginning of Class 1, in the Parent/Student Portal. You can view the Parent Orientation online if you prefer not to be in a crowd for the live orientation. You can log in at using the Sign In feature on the top right side of the Home page.

If your student is taking in-car lessons, there is plenty of time for your student to complete their lessons.

During this crisis period, we are modifying our 24-hour cancellation policy to 6 hours. We ask that you call or notify us at least 6 hours prior to any in-car lesson to avoid a $35 cancellation fee. This will give us time to properly manage our instructor’s lesson time.

Our Center teams will be working actively to sanitize our facilities. Your student is welcome to bring any additional personal hygiene materials to increase their comfort.

We are confident that, by working together, we will continue to provide high quality driver’s education instruction in a positive and healthy learning environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Center Manager at your student’s location.


Ben Baron