Defensive Skills Day

    •  Comprehensive Obstacle Course
    •  Skid Prevention and Handling Techniques
    •  Reverse Driving and Parking Skills
    •  Simulated Distracted and Impaired Driving
    •  Beginner Vehicle Maintenance
    •  Hazard Avoidance
    •  Practical Application of Defensive Skills


    • Teaches Critical Emergency Skills
    • Interactive and Engaging Environment
    • Potentially Life-Saving Techniques
    • Taught by Expert DriveSafe Instructors
    • Practice Advanced Maneuvers in a Controlled Setting
    • Confidence-Boosting Program

About This Course

Defensive Skills Day is a 5-hour program that offers new drivers the opportunity to learn skills to help them when they encounter challenging situations on the road. Highlights of the class include learning how to control a car during a skid, and how to precisely maneuver in unexpected situations. Our instructors guide students through the various courses to increase skill and comfort levels. Through repetition and expert tips, our goal is to prepare students for life-long safe driving.

For Parents

This program adds an additional level of expert instruction designed to give you the comfort of knowing your student can safely navigate through those unexpected and dangerous situations. This class allows young drivers to practice handling their vehicles in a safe and controlled setting to prepare them in case of future driving risks.