Refresher Driving Lesson and Drive Test

    •  1-Hour of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
    •  Driver's License Test
    •  DriveSafe Provided Vehicle
    •  Flexible Scheduling Options
    •  Verbal Testing Feedback
    •  DriveSafe for Life Guarantee
    • Free 2nd Drivers License Test included if needed


    • Private, One-on-One Test
    • Meets State Standards for Drive Test
    • Short-Notice Scheduling Available
    • Expert and Caring Instruction
    • Builds Testing Confidence
    • Convenient, Safe, and Friendly

About This Course

The Colorado Driver’s License Test looks at over 100 skills and items that even experienced drivers can overlook. Our package includes a one-hour one-on-one behind-the-wheel driving lesson with a professionally trained instructor that will help you prepare and practice the necessary skills. This instruction is perfect for adults or teens who need to refresh these skills before the drive test.


After practicing the necessary skills, you will then take your Drive Test with one of our state-certified testers. Our students love the option of testing at DriveSafe because it is friendlier, faster, and less stressful than testing at a DMV office!

For Parents

All Drive Tests take place in our vehicles for the protection of our customers and testers. The only exceptions are those requiring testing with an Interlock device.


Our Driver's License Test fee includes a free retest in the event that you do not pass the first one. Subsequent retests are available for an additional cost.


Greater Value Tip: Upgrade to our Behind the Wheel Two Plus Drive Test to add an additional hour of preparation for only $70 more!