Teen Drivers Education

More families in Colorado choose DriveSafe than any other driving school.

Teen Drivers Education

As Colorado’s largest and most trusted driving school, DriveSafe provides comprehensive drivers education to prepare teens and adults to be safe drivers for life. All of our programs feature the DriveSafe for Life System™, which helps students learn the rules and regulations of driving, develop safe driving habits, and gain the confidence to be safe decision-makers while driving.

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Teen Drivers Education from classes to license testing

Take Your State Required Drivers Education

As a teen in Colorado, you can start drivers education as early as age 14½ and receive your permit at age 15. Colorado’s graduated licensing laws allow new drivers to gain driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. DriveSafe delivers the state-mandated 30-hour classroom program in engaging and interactive courses at ten convenient locations, including weekends, evenings, school breaks, and even online. Our Behind-the-Wheel training focuses on building skills that help students become safe decision-makers while driving.

Get Your Permit

DriveSafe’s classroom experience will prepare you to pass the written permit test, a 25-question multiple choice exam on the rules and regulations of driving in Colorado. More than that, our program focuses on teaching you how to make safe decisions while driving. Once you have completed the classroom program and are at least 14 years and 11 months old, you are eligible to take your permit test. Upon passing the test and reaching your 15th birthday, you can apply for your permit at the DMV. The next step is to start driving with a parent and to schedule your driving lessons!


Driving lessons are not only a state requirement for young teens, they also offer a wide range of benefits. Our lessons are designed to cultivate a lifetime of safe habits and increase confidence behind-the-wheel. We find that students who complete at least six hours of professional instruction within the first six months of holding their permits are more likely to pass the license test than students who wait. Once you have held your permit for a full year and logged a minimum of 50 hours of driving (we recommend 100 hours or more), including ten hours at night, you are eligible to take your Drivers License Test with DriveSafe and achieve the exciting milestone of becoming a licensed driver!

Learn to Drive Safe... FOR LIFE!

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Why drivesafe?


More students choose DriveSafe for their drivers education than any other driving school in Colorado.

Peace of Mind

DriveSafe students (and their parents!) can be confident that they have the knowledge, tools, and decision-making skills to be safe drivers for life.


We offer more classes at more locations than any other driving school in Colorado, plus driving lessons seven days a week.


Through the DriveSafe for Life Guarantee™, we extend our commitment to you far beyond the completion of your program.

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