Our comprehensive programs meet all Colorado State driver’s education requirements. Furthermore, our DriveSafe for Life System prepares students not only for the permit test but, more importantly, for a lifetime of safe driving.

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Our engaging, state-approved program was created specifically for Colorado students. The course is 100% online, easy-to-use and includes 20 practice permit tests.

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Driver Awareness

Our state-approved Driver Awareness program, for students who are 15-1/2 or older, is a four-hour intensive in-class program on the driving laws and safe driving principles. The Permit Test is included and offered to all students during the hour following

Driver Awareness:
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Driving Lessons

DriveSafe Driving Schools’ behind-the- wheel driving lessons are tailored to the needs of each student and focus on the ten key skills for safe driving. Set in 2-hour blocks, each lesson is designed to help boost confidence and introduce students to a var

Driving Lessons:
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License Tests

DriveSafe is approved by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to perform the official Driver’s License Test. With flexible weekend and weekday appointments available, we can schedule your drive test at a time that works for you. We also offer refresh

License Tests:
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Defensive Skills Day

An engaging five-hour experience that teaches new drivers life-saving defensive driving skills. In their own vehicles, students work one-on-one with instructors to practice maneuvers that cannot be taught during on-street lessons.

Defensive Skills Day:
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Home Pickup Drop Off

If you are within 20 minutes of a DriveSafe location, an instructor will pick you up at your home, complete the lesson, and return you to your home.

Home Pickup Drop Off:
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Other Services

DriveSafe provides additional services for Teens, Adults and Seniors to address specific driver’s licensing or driving needs.

Other Services:
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