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Flexible Schedules: By offering classes on weeknights, weekends and during school breaks, students can easily fit our program into their busy lives. Other schools require students to adhere to a rigid schedule that may not meet their needs. Plus we offer Behind-the-Wheel lessons seven days per week!

Convenience: Students can take classes at any of our locations, and they can make up missed classes at any time and place. Other schools have limited class options and rigid make-up policies. Also, unlike at other programs, you'll never have to wait very long to schedule a driving lesson with us.

Private Instruction: All of our behind-the-wheel lessons are private, one-on-one with a highly trained driving instructor. Other schools drive with two or more students in a vehicle to "observe" other students. We believe our students' time is best spent practicing with the undivided attention of their instructor.

Experience: All of our instructors have years of professional driving and teaching experience. Other schools have more limited experience, expertise, and resources.

Price/Value: Some schools charge more than $800! DriveSafe offers a variety of programs with prices that are very competitive, and our programs are outstanding.

In Colorado, teenagers can receive their learner's permit on their 15th birthday if they have completed a 30 hour classroom course and passed their written permit test. For that reason, many teens choose to start their driver's education classes well in advance of their 15th birthday. Under Colorado State law students can begin their drivers education at 14 1/2.

Teens have to keep their permit for a minimum of 12 months (or until their 18th birthday). During that time, they'll need to complete 6 hours of driving lessons with a certified school and log 50 hours of supervised driving time with a parent or guardian (including at least ten at night). Once these requirements have been met, your child can test for his or her license.

Yes, all of our Comprehensive options include the permit test at no extra cost. Students are eligible to take it after they have completed all their classes (and are within 30 days of their 15th birthday).

The program is divided into 8 classes, each of which conveys very important information. Class 8 must be taken as the final session. Other than that, it is fine to take the classes in any order that is convenient. Given that this is such an important step toward adulthood, we ask all our students to arrive to class on time, pay attention and maintain good behavior throughout the program.

All Behind-the-Wheel instruction is done in our cars which are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors to give the instructor control of the vehicle, if necessary. Driver's tests can be conducted in your car or one of ours (depending upon availability of a car at that time).

As a courtesy to our drivers and other students who may have been available for that time slot, we charge a $35 fee when students cancel their driving lesson with less than 24 hours notice or if they simply fail to show up.

Most students find testing with DriveSafe to be faster and friendlier than testing at the DMV. By creating a less stressful environment, we are able to help students perform much better on their test.

Eight Pathways, Driver Handbook, Sample Test
You are the Driver, Signs, Signals & Roadway Markings
Basic Car Control, Making Safe Driving Decisions
Natural Laws of Car Control, Basic Car Maneuvers
Negotiating Intersections, Sharing the Road
Driving in Urban Areas, Rural Areas and Expressways
Driving in Adverse Conditions, Handling Emergencies
Effects and Conditions of Risk Taking/Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving
Responsibilities of Owning and Maintaining your Vehicle
Review, Driving Quiz, and Final Exam 


DriveSafe - Girls In Class

Teenagers who take Driver Education

  • Get fewer tickets.
  • Are more likely to wear their seatbelts.
  • Are less likely to drink and drive.
  • Have better driving habits.


According to the State of Colorado, teen drivers represent fewer than 6% of Colorado's licensed drivers, but account for more than 11% of all traffic deaths in the state. Over 30% of teens are involved in at least one accident during their first year of driving. Teens who have taken professional Drivers Education programs do a better job at avoiding accidents on the road.

DriveSafe - Safety First
DriveSafe - Get Your Drivers License Sooner

Get Your Drivers License Sooner

A student who takes an approved program can obtain a Learners Permit at 15 years old, and get a license at 16 years old, instead of waiting until 16 years old to first get a permit. With graduated licensing teens then get more required time driving without the distraction of friends in the car.

Professional Instruction

Drivers Education offers instruction a parent is unable to give their student. We cover topics like maintainng a space cushion, IPDE, SMOG for lane changing, defensive driving techniques and more. Professional instruction ensures that your student will be taught how to be a safe driver.

Parents who begin driving with their children quickly realize the difficulty in teaching their own teens how to drive. It is just a time of life when many teens struggle to listen to their parents. Teens, however, respond to our instructors respectfully and with great interest.

DriveSafe - Professional Instruction
DriveSafe - Savings - Insurance Reduction

Savings - Insurance Reduction

Many of the insurance companies in Colorado offer a reduction for students who have taken Driver Education. The annual discount often more than pays for the cost of the training.

Contact your agent as each company has different policies.