DriveSafe - Driving School


Adults seeking to complete the full driver training process can complete a four hour drivers education program to learn the laws and principles of driving and take their permit test with DriveSafe. We can then work with you to design a behind-the-wheel training program to meet your needs and prepare you to be a safe driver for life.

4 Hour Driver Awareness with Permit Test

  • Four Hour Driver Awareness Class
  • Permit Test

Written Permit Test for Adults

  • Written Permit Test

Additional Options

Practice Drive Test

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Why DriveSafe?

The DriveSafe for Life Guarantee
The DriveSafe for
Life Guarantee

Our commitment extends far beyond the completion of your program.

The Convenience

More classes at more locations than any school in Colorado. Plus driving lessons 7 days a week.

The Behind the Wheel Progress Tracker
The Behind the Wheel
Progress Tracker

Track your proficiency as you advance to more complex driving situations.

Locally Owned and Operated
Owned and Operated

Baron Education is a Colorado based company. The owners live in Evergreen and raised their children in Jefferson County schools.