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Highlands Ranch Herald Headline

At DriveSafe Driving Schools, we believe education is the cornerstone of safe driving habits. In conjunction with the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT), “Drive High and Get a DUI” Campaign, we are committed to combating misconceptions and behaviors that surround driving under the influence of cannabis, through education and open conversation. The Highlands Ranch Herald recently featured our involvement in the campaign, which aims to better understand teens’ current perceptions of driving under the influence of cannabis. This state-wide initiative helps key stakeholders like DriveSafe and CDOT to better communicate the dangers and consequences of impaired driving, to ensure the continued safety of our Colorado community.

[Read the Full Highlands Ranch Herald Article Here]


Understanding Risks and Misconceptions 

Driving under the influence of cannabis is a serious safety issue. The common belief that being high is not as intense or impairing as being drunk, is a dangerous misconception. THC, the active component in cannabis, significantly hinders a person’s ability to multitask, it slows reaction time, reduces focus, and weakens problem-solving skills. This impairment can lead to dangerous driving behaviors such as difficulty staying in lanes or maintaining safe distances from other vehicles, and increased stopping time which can make roadway users like pedestrians and cyclists even more vulnerable.

The Role of Education

Education is at the forefront of our efforts to change these misconceptions. At DriveSafe, we integrate lessons about the effects of cannabis on driving into our comprehensive curriculum. Our instructors, like Jake Dinwiddie (who participated in the Highlands Ranch Herald article), emphasize that understanding the prevalence and data and recognizing the dangers before experiencing a negative consequence, is crucial.

Collaborative Initiatives

Our various collaborations with the Colorado Department of Transportation extend beyond the classroom. The “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign highlights the fines and penalties associated with cannabis-impaired driving. This initiative is especially targeted at teens, who are among the most likely to believe that driving under the influence of cannabis is “not as bad,” as driving drunk. 

CDOT’s annual driver behavior surveys reveal that drivers aged 16-24 are the most likely to hold this belief. By reaching out to these young drivers early, we aim to correct these misconceptions before they lead to dangerous behaviors on the road. Having open dialogues with youth when they first learn about drugs and alcohol is critical for empowering them to make responsible choices on their own.

Real-Life Consequences

The consequences of DUIs go far beyond legal penalties. Teens must understand that a DUI can impact multiple aspects of their lives, from mandatory interlock devices on vehicles and community service, to loss of driving privileges and ineligibility for school activities or scholarships. However, the most imperative impact is their safety, and that of other roadway users. 

As our instructor Jake Dinwiddie emphasizes, “open communication and education about these consequences are vital, instead of shaming people and just trying to scare them out of doing it, let’s have good, open-minded communication and have [students] be truly educated on just how many aspects of [their] life it could impact in a negative way.”

Keeping Our Community Safe

DriveSafe Driving Schools and CDOT are dedicated to keeping our Colorado community safe. We strive to ensure that every teen understands the severe risks and consequences of driving under the influence of cannabis. Education is our most powerful tool in this initiative, and we are committed to using it to make our roads safer for everyone. For more information on cannabis and driving visit here. 

Stay informed and drive safe.

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