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The Colorado drivers license test evaluates more than 100 items that even seasoned drivers can overlook. Our experienced and patient driving instructors understand that the driving test can be an intimidating experience, and they work hard to provide a supportive and calm environment where students can fully focus on the road ahead of them. When students conclude their drivers license tests, our driving instructors provide valuable feedback to help them on their mission to become safe drivers. Whether a student passes or fails, we do everything we can to make his/her time with us a positive learning experience that encourages smart decisions behind the wheel.

Becoming a fully licensed driver is a major life milestone that symbolizes freedom and opportunity, and it’s a great honor for us to be able to help countless Coloradans reach this long-awaited achievement. As the largest and most trusted driving school in Colorado, DriveSafe offers a variety of options to help aspiring motorists earn their licenses.

Between our basic drivers license test and our drivers license course options that include expertly-taught driving lessons prior to the road test, we provide flexible options for you to take your test in a friendly environment. (Please note that the Colorado DMV is not offering the road test at this time.)

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Drivers License Test
One Hour Driving Lesson
Two Hour Driving Lesson
DriveSafe Vehicle Provided
Personalized Feedback
Short Notice Availability


Linda J.
“The overall experience from classes to staff members was fabulous! The defensive skills day was incredible too! I believe my teenage driver has been given the knowledge and shown the techniques to be as safe as possible while driving.”
Tom F.
“The drive instructor did an amazing job. My daughter is still talking about the things she learned during her two-hour driving session even several days after the drive. She was very apprehensive going into it and returned full of confidence.”
Richard P, Highlands Ranch
DriveSafe made my life as a parent easy.
Shawn P, SE Aurora
I love that the Defensive Skills Day was included in our package. Anything that can help a new driver with her/his confidence is a bonus!
Keely S, Highlands Ranch
Friendly staff and always helpful. Both of my sons went through this program, and Drive Safe made it an easy experience. Putting a teenager on the road is scary and they hold her hand along the way.
Tom R, Denver
Outstanding instructors who provided our permitted driver a lot of good information. Each drive exposed them to different conditions and experiences. It was extremely easy to set up the drive test and there was always great communication.
Thomas P, Greenwood Village
Instructor was very good at explaining driving techniques in a way that my daughter did not understand from written materials and parent behind the wheel instruction. Instructor was patient and knowledgeable. All around great!
Kathy B, Evergreen
Courteous, professional staff that make the new driver and parent comfortable with the entire experience. Excellent at providing feedback and things to work on for the next drive lesson.
Ryan M, Denver
I had the best experience at DriveSafe. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. My instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and wanted me to succeed. His tips and guidance made the difference between failing and passing in my case. The front desk was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend DriveSafe!
Jamie F, SE Aurora
Drive safe is an amazing program. Both my kids took the 30-hour course program and successfully passed the permit test on the first try. They both loved the classes and their instructors. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has kids ready to get their permits. Money well spent. Thank you!

What Our Drivers License Courses Include

Driver license tests are conducted to state standards by highly trained, state-certified instructors.

The official Drivers License Test includes more than 100 evaluation points.

All tests take place in DriveSafe vehicles.

All tests, pass or fail, include personalized feedback on areas for improvement.

Fast, friendly and stress free testing.

Payment must be received in advance to schedule a drivers license test appointment.

Does DriveSafe Offer the Drive Test Near Me?

Our driving school locations are conveniently located throughout the Denver metro area If you are looking to schedule a drive test near you, visit our location pages to see which center is your best option. 

Drivers License Test

During the drivers license test, students will be evaluated on over 100 items that measure their ability to safely operate a vehicle and follow Colorado driving laws. All tests take place with a state-certified driving instructor in a DriveSafe vehicle (unless interlock devices are required).

One-Hour Drivers License Course

Students who sign up for our one-hour drivers license course will receive an hour-long driving lesson with a state-certified driving instructor prior to taking the official road test. The driving lesson is taught by an instructor who knows exactly what items the drivers license test covers, and being able to ask lingering questions and receive feedback from an expert can help students feel more prepared and confident.

Two-Hour Drivers License Course

Students who opt for our two-hour drivers license course will receive a two-hour driving lesson before taking the road test. This extended driving lesson is taught by a highly experienced, friendly driving instructor, and the encouraging feedback students will receive can help them fine-tune the skills they need to pass. 

DriveSafe Vehicle Provided

Our drivers license tests are conveniently conducted in DriveSafe vehicles (unless the individual taking the test needs to use an interlock device). We ensure that all of our vehicles are equipped with important safety features, so parents and students alike can feel comforted knowing that our high safety standards allow the testing experience to be as safe as possible.

Personalized Feedback Provided After Each Drivers License Test

As the leading drivers license school in Colorado, DriveSafe sees the value of education in every moment. Because of this, all students receive valuable feedback after the drivers license test is complete, regardless of how they performed. Our feedback is always personalized and encouraging, as it is our hope that our students leave us feeling both more confident and more competent behind the wheel.

Short Notice Availability

We understand that our students and their families lead busy lives, which is why we aim to make scheduling the drivers license test as convenient as possible. We offer flexible weekday and weekend appointments to ensure that we can work with our students’ schedules. Additionally, we can often accommodate those looking for short-notice availability. Many students have been eagerly awaiting earning their drivers licenses for quite some time, and we do everything we can to expedite the fulfillment of this exciting milestone by making it fast and easy to book an appointment at one of our drivers license school locations.

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