Teen Drivers Education

More families in Colorado choose
DriveSafe than any other driving school.


As Colorado’s largest and most trusted driving school, DriveSafe provides comprehensive drivers education to prepare teens and adults to be safe drivers for life. All of our programs feature the DriveSafe for Life System™, which helps students learn the rules and regulations of driving, develop safe driving habits, and gain the confidence to be safe decision-makers while driving.

All of our comprehensive programs meet State requirements for 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel training, which will help prepare students for a lifetime of safe driving.

Driving Lessons
One-on-one driving lessons with expert and caring state-certified instructors that are tailored to the needs of each individual student and designed to build a foundation of safe driving habits.

Our State-approved online course includes games and activities that make the learning experience engaging and fun. Coupled with behind-the-wheel training, students prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.

Students 15½ and older are eligible to take an intensive four-hour program on driving laws and safe driving principles. Students are encouraged to study the Colorado Drivers Handbook before class.

At DriveSafe, we know how busy teenagers’ lives can be. Our Online Scheduling System makes it easy to view class options, schedule classes, and modify them as necessary.



As a teen in Colorado, you can start drivers education as early as age 14½ and receive your permit at age 15. Colorado’s graduated licensing laws allow new drivers to gain driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. DriveSafe delivers the state-mandated 30-hour classroom program in engaging and interactive courses at twelve convenient locations, including weekends, evenings, school breaks, and even online. Our Behind-the-Wheel training focuses on building skills that help students become safe decision-makers while driving.


DriveSafe’s classroom experience will prepare you to pass the written permit test, a 25-question multiple choice exam on the rules and regulations of driving in Colorado. Once you have completed the classroom program and are at least 14 years and 11 months old, you are eligible to take your permit test. Upon passing the test and reaching your 15th birthday, you can apply for your permit at the DMV.

NEW from DriveSafe: Unlimited Online Permit Test Practice to help you pass on your first try!

Now you can practice as much as you like on 200 test questions designed to be very similar to what you’ll see on your actual permit test. Build your confidence for passing the test.

Only $29.


Driving lessons are not only a state requirement for young teens, they also offer a wide range of benefits. Our lessons are designed to cultivate a lifetime of safe habits and increase confidence behind-the-wheel. We find that students who complete at least six hours of professional instruction within the first six months of holding their permits are more likely to pass the license test than students who wait. Once you have held your permit for a full year and logged a minimum of 50 hours of driving (we recommend 100 hours or more), including ten hours at night, you are eligible to take your Drivers License Test with DriveSafe and achieve the exciting milestone of becoming a licensed driver!


Kayla B, Highlands Ranch
My daughter rode with Paul today. She was very nervous about the drive and he helped her settle down quickly and have a good experience. Your entire staff is wonderful and we’ve had a great experience with every part of the process.
Bridget, SE Aurora
“The SE Aurora team is a heaven sent life saver. I was pulling my hair out before I talked to them. I want to say thank you for all of your help you gave me today.”
Sean A, Westminster
The instructor was very detailed and thorough. I appreciated that he told my daughter what she did well along with a couple of things for her to work on.
Daniel, Colorado
Really liked the course. Strengths: the way it was presented made it really interesting. I learned alot. NO WEAKNESSES.
Mushkee, Denver
“My instructor has been so patient and supportive and encouraging. I am very thankful for him. I passed the drive test today! And he is so awesome and so kind. So, I just wanted to let you know how amazing he is.”
Jacqueline, Greenwood Village
This is quality service that is second to none. Again thank you for the outstanding service and providing quality programs for better and safe driving skills for our children.
Debra P, Littleton/Lakewood
This was an easy process, good instruction and worth the price. Even with the challenges of 2020 and the pandemic, our daughter is right on track to get her license and be a great/safe driver.
Jim, Greenwood Village
They did well at engaging all the students at once. They made it fun and I had a good time.
Russ A, Westminster
Very kind and professional service. There was nothing about this experience that was even slightly negative. The instructor was kind and patient and provided all the information necessary to my daughter to complete here driving test successfully on the first try. I feel like I got a bargain considering the services that were received. Thanks to all of your staff for the professional and courteous service.
Julie H, Greenwood Village
I have been very pleased with all the driving instructors assigned to my daughter. The Defensive Skills Day is a must! After her Driving Test for her license, she remarked, “I am glad that I went before my Driving Test, otherwise I would not have been able to park properly.”
Annie S, Denver
My daughter learned a lot about driving. More than I’d ever be able to teach her.
Mitchell, Wheat Ridge/Arvada
Thanks guys for helping me become a better driver!
Roxane S, Louisville
My daughter really enjoyed the class! She tried to do on-line, in-person was the way to go! She learned so much (she loves correcting me now) AND never complained about going! So proud of her, and so many thanks to you guys! Great job!!!
Brittany, Evergreen
I liked that the instructors gave positive feedback and also their little tips and tricks.
Keith J, Littleton/Lakewood
Excellent service. Excellent instruction. Excellent philosophy. Great value. So beneficial for my teen!!
Mary P, Highlands Ranch
The instructors have all been amazing. The communication from DriveSafe during this interesting time with Covid has been great. When we arrived for my daughter’s last 2 hour drive, they instructor met us outside, was friendly and my daughter had a lot of fun on her drive. Great experience every time! We are very pleased and will enroll our son at the end of this year or beginning of 2021.
Michelle T, Boulder
Our son doesn’t like many activities outside of his comfort zone. This was his first day driving and the instructor made him feel confident and empowered. He got him to laugh.
Irene Y, Louisville
Before our 1:1 lesson my daughter had a true fear of driving. She drove for 2 hours, and the instructor gave her the confidence she needed to get behind the wheel more often.
Joshua T., Colorado
“The course was quite enjoyable. One of my favorite parts of the course was that I could complete it at my own pace at home. This required me to be responsible in completing the course and retaining the information, which I liked. The tests after every chapter also helped in the retention of information…”
Noah N, Colorado
The online class, I feel, did an excellent job of teaching me the required skills for driving. The class was easy to follow yet challenging enough for me to learn new things. The online class was, in my opinion, great in teaching me to drive.
Bravo, Highlands
“The instructors really tried to help me. They always made sure that we knew what was going on and if we didn’t understand something they took the time to explain it.”
Kuldeep M, Greenwood Village
Instructor was very helpful and polite. I was very nervous due to my drive test but he helped me to settle my nerves. 1 hour refresher before the test was very helpful and he shared some very useful information about driving. Overall great experience.
Laura H, Westminster
The behind-the-wheel and defensive driving instructors are top notch! Our son learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence from the experience. And he crushed his driver’s test! Thanks Drive Safe!
Kelly C, Greenwood Village
DriveSafe has been a very easy, hassle free experience thus far. There is always a knowledgeable English speaking human available over the phone to answer all questions or simply schedule appointments. Our child had her initial drive last night and the instructor could not have been more helpful and friendly. DriveSafe schedules driving 7 days a week, day and night, so there is plenty of availability to choose from. It’s nice to work with others that enjoy their jobs and assisting our young individuals in navigating this world.
Allison, Westminster
The instructors today were awesome and very supportive in everything they did with us.
Kaitlyn A, Highlands Ranch
I learned a lot and am ready to be a responsible driver!
Amy L, Westminster
The instructor was amazing and made my daughter feel so comfortable. She even talked about how much she loves her job. Doesn’t get better than that!
Parent, Greenwood Village
“My daughter was very afraid to drive, but once she had a lesson with her instructor it made all the difference! She gave her easy strategies to boost her skills and her confidence.”
Jodi, Denver
I loved the skidding and the driving backwards. It was also really fun to do the obstacle course.
Phillip W, Westminster
The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, clear in explaining the process, assisted in an unexpected situation, and alleviated stress for our daughter. The whole experience was fantastic!
Leslie P, Highlands Ranch
Giving us a timely appointments even though I know they’re super busy because of the covid outbreak. Also the instructors are very clear with my child and also very friendly and approachable by letting them know exactly what they need to work on and what the rules are.
Shay T, Littleotn/Lakewood
My teenager had great instructors for his day of Defensive Skills Day! He really enjoyed the entire three hours of instruction and I think he is a more confident driver as a result of taking this hands on class.
Saiisha K, Boulder
We had an awesome, friendly, and kind instructor who was very understanding with the language barrier. Made the experience a lot better than we were expecting. Highly satisfied.
David L, SE Aurora
Scheduling, classes, communication has been stellar. Any questions we had were answered completely! Staff is great and they made my daughter feel safe and taught her very well!
Ryan M, SE Aurora
The driving instructor was very clear and helpful with his tips and explanations. I did not feel berated because I was being given constructive criticism that I could understand.
Cathy U, Highlands Ranch
I like that you can do (almost) everything at DriveSafe….testing, classes, behind the wheel, etc. There is little to no need to go to the actual DMV!!! The instructors are very helpful and encouraging to the students.
Andrea R, Denver
I have received such great service over the past year and 3 months, from driver’s ed, permit test, instructor drives and license test drive! THANK YOU!!!
Parent, Highlands Ranch
My daughter attended the Defensive Skills Day and it went well. I got to ride with her at the end when I returned, and I have to admit, I was very shocked at how much she improved! She drove me through the timed obstacle course and her skill level blew me away. She said she has much more confidence in driving now. This course is very well worth the money and I highly recommend it to all parents.
Alan R, Greenwood Village
The staff have been more than exceptional. They have provided constructive feedback and helpful tips to keep my driver engaged and open to learning.
Tyler, Littleton
The instructors did well teaching me to be a more confident driver.
Valerie B, Highlands Ranch
We have loved our experience with Drive Safe! You made the whole process super easy and convenient for our schedule. The instructors were great and very helpful!
Jann E, Denver
My daughter recently attended the Defensive Driving Skills training, which was a great class for a new driver! She came back more confident in her driving skills, and she learned so many important pieces of the driving experience.
Lawrence, Denver
“I feel so much more comfortable behind the wheel. I also have become less afraid and have come to realize that drivers on the road have every right to take it safe and slow.”
Donnetta S, Denver
My daughter loved the program, she thought it was very fun and very educational. It boosted her confidence in her driving skills and taught her new tricks in how to handle herself in challenging driving conditions. A well thought out program.
Hope J, Westminster
They took time to work carefully with my son who is both dyslexic and autistic. They paired him with wonderful instructors for both the driving and the classroom lessons.
Jason, Highlands Ranch
“My classroom teacher was amazing! She built up my confidence and showed me practical use of what I learned in the classes. My instructor was great and challenged me to master the skills.”
Michelle B, Longmont
The instructors were challenging and friendly at the same time. My daughter was very comfortable.
Janice B, Wheat Ridge
The staff are friendly, welcoming, and patient to their students. I could tell that they were not only there for work but truly had a passion to help students learn how to drive safely.
Ken, Highlands Ranch
I enjoyed the obstacle course because it involved many different skills…
Kristin A, Littleton/Lakewood
We have had a great experience with both of my sons.
Linda F, Arvada
Very compassionate and patient. The instructor explained exactly what was to be expected before my son even got into the car. This was a great experience for my kiddo who has anxiety.
Sarah C, Greenwood Village
Very convenient scheduling process, helpful instructors, and overall great value for the services!
Aimee B, Highlands Ranch
During the COVID 19 shut down, Drive Safe was very communicative. Instead of me having to hunt down information, I received detailed emails and phone calls regarding the re-scheduling of activities. The agents on the phone showed empathy and a deep desire to help.
Lindsey N., Colorado
I felt that the course provided a lot of material to help me understand driving better.
Gerri R, Arvada
Staff is incredibly welcoming and kind. They are patient and great at giving constructive feedback in a polite manner.
Jackie N, Westminster
I absolutely loved my whole experience with DriveSafe! They have wonderful staff and instructors that are with you 100% of the time, and they go far above and beyond what is expected of them. DriveSafe is 1000% going to be your best choice if you are looking for a driving school!
Sidney, Highlands Ranch
“Great service and overall experience! I feel much more comfortable on the road and they really try to get you to try new things so that you will be prepared when you’re on the road alone. Definitely go to DriveSafe!”
Joann C, Evergreen
The instructor was friendly, energetic, easy-going yet very firm and mindful about road rules. My son enjoyed his 2-hour drive!
Joette M, Aurora
Love the friendly staff and ease of making appointments. My daughter has had Larry Soady as a driver instructor twice and he is so patient and kind. So glad that you opened back up and she can take her driving test tomorrow since her birthday passed already in April.
Elizabeth, Wheat Ridge
I thought all the instructors did a very good job throughout the course of the day. They were all very informative, explained everything well, and I learned a lot at each station. My favorite part of the class was the skid course and the obstacle course, because both were really fun as well as good to know/use for the future.
Travis L, Denver
The license process for a teenage kid is daunting, but DriveSafe made the experience a rather seamless transition.
LeeAnn, Westminster
“The instructor made my daughter feel welcomed and encouraged her not to be nervous and to do her very best. Thank you for helping my daughter achieve her goal of becoming a licensed driver. You are the best!”
Amanda S, Boulder
Everything was easy. Communication, scheduling, rescheduling. The lessons were great – my daughter learned a lot! A very good experience!
Johnny K, Highlands Ranch
Just a great experience all around. My son had a great instructor fir his last drive out of this location and the test today was hassle free. My experience has been great and worth what we spent.
Hannah P, Colorado
I really enjoyed the course. I felt like it was very easy to go through all the chapters, videos, pages, etc. I thought the review was really helpful at the end of each chapter.
Connie B, SE Aurora
My daughter loved it and was excited to go every day! She said the teachers were funny. Sometimes the other kids were silly, but the teachers handled them well.
Kim F, Highlands Ranch
My daughter enjoyed all her driving experiences and learned so much in the classes!
Cliff, Evergreen
“My son has enjoyed both of his driving instructors so much. He’s not the type to speak up like this, but he said both instructors made him feel comfortable while teaching him so much. He gained much confidence. He said the classroom teacher was great as well!”
April M, Westminster
I was able to pass the test with ease and understand what I needed to become a safe and successful driver!
Dalton B, Arvada
I really liked doing the online courses for learning about driving. The online courses went into much detail and made it fun. It had games and made it very interactive. Also, all the workers were super nice when I went to take my permit test. Overall, I had a great experience with DriveSafe.
Adaline S, Longmont
Outstanding 30-hour online class – kept my child engaged and learned so much. The location for permit test was professional with friendly, helpful staff.
Kathryn S, SE Aurora
The instructors were amazing! They were able to teach my son things that I’m not very good at doing… Like parallel parking! My son was nervous to be stuck in a car for 2 hours with the instructors but each time when he finished his drives he was so excited to tell me everything he had learned! It was well worth the money spent!
Rachel F, Evergreen
It was a great class that my son was able to take online. All of the in-person driving lessons were taught by professional people who were able to relate to my teenager.
Jeremy J, Highlands Ranch
Great experience. Drive test was cancelled due to COVID, was able to get in VERY quickly to complete as soon as DriveSafe could reopen.
Derrick W, Boulder
The process was very straightforward and easy to understand. As someone who knew nothing about driving requirements, DriveSafe was extremely helpful.
Jennifer S, Highlands Ranch
Thank you for providing a safe and educational experience for my son. Our experience with DriveSafe has been excellent, and the teachers have provided very sound advice. I would absolutely recommend DriveSafe to all parents!
Tiffany, Greenwood Village
Not only was my driving instructor helpful, but I had an important driving related question, and the manager who was at the front desk took the time to be extremely helpful and thorough as well. Both of them were so kind and professional.
Diane, Aurora
The instructors were very helpful and patient.
Lisa A, Highlands Ranch
Excellent customer service over the phone!!!
Parent, Colorado
In comparison to the one my son took beDrivingAmerica was a lot better. My daughter enjoyed and really understood this more. Very great online class. I would recommend this to anyone.
George H, Louisville
Very good experience. Trainers are experienced and polite. Provided comfortable and calm learning experience.
Clayton R., Colorado
I enjoyed the course. I enjoyed that you can go at your own pace and never have to leave the house. No weaknesses.
Tonita S, Greenwood Village
I had a young new driver that had anxiety concerning driving. The instructors at this location have been very kind and are so knowledgeable. They explained everything thoroughly and made sure my young driver understood. Any time I called to reschedule during this virus, the kind people that answered the phone were very helpful. Thank you!
Andrew, Colorado
“Very comfortable. Easy to understand. Also walked me through my mistakes and how to avoid them. I felt like I was driving with a friend, no nerves or frustrations. Fun route as well.”
Charles N, Highlands Ranch
It was great to have my daughter learn the right way to drive. I have sent my 2 kids to DriveSafe, and I am very happy I did!
Jacob W, Littleton/Lakewood
DMV was so slow in processing our son’s driver license application that we got down to two days before he was supposed to move to college and then they told us he needed to do a drive test. We called DriveSafe and they got him scheduled for the following day. They were very nice and helpful, he passed, and now he’s off to his college adventure. Thanks DriveSafe!
Anthony, Colorado
I liked the course. It taught me things I’ve never heard of like the IPDE process. Some strengths are they go in to good detail when explaining things. The chapter quizzes were good too because it keeps your mind refreshed about what you just learned. There wasn’t really any bad things. I think over all it’s a really good course.
Grant M, Colorado
I enjoyed the class. It was interactive and I had the ability to go back and review. It was easy to maneuver and I liked the pace.
Elliott R, Greenwood Village
Everything was easy! They are organized and put all the student’s information, documents, class completion etc. into the system and emailed all the needed documents for the DMV. The instructors were also great!
Emily M, Louisville
We are on our third teen going through your driving school courses and have been so impressed each time. Even during the Covid Pandemic, my daughter has been able to complete everything online and the communication and ease of scheduling is great. Thank you
Dani T, Littleton/Lakewood
Your instructors and staff are fantastic and I’m so glad I went with DriveSafe!
Sandra, Boulder
“I had a wonderful experience with your program. I was impressed by the professionalism of your program and of your staff. My instructor was marvelous in guiding me to get a driver’s license. His calm and professional demeanor made this possible for me!”
Beckett, Greenwood Village
The commentators and the overall welcoming atmosphere of the course was nice. Also the layout is easy to use. I recommend this course.
Matthew H, Denver
I really loved that we worked on the things that I wanted to work on. This was an issue I had at my other driving school, so it was amazing to drive on busy roads and the highway. He did an amazing job of pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching so many techniques. Overall, it was an amazing lesson and experience.
Ethan C, SE Aurora
It was my first comfortable experience driving outside of my comfort zone! The instructor was extremely kind and understanding while pushing me to do more than I thought I could!
Richie G, Louisville
My son’s driving lesson experience was so encouraging to him that he can’t wait for another driving lesson! He started out very nervous and walked away very confident. It accomplished exactly what we hoped, in building up his skills and his confidence in driving on roads. Everyone we have met and talked to in the Louisville office has been so helpful, friendly and personable, it’s been a real delight working and talking with them.
Ben, Arvada
My instructors did well, I would definitely want to come back and do this again.
Vivian D, Littleton/Lakewood
I received AMAZING service from someone on the phone. He really helped me out of a jam today! Needed to schedule a last-minute permit test, and he found a location for my son to take the test two hours later!
Mitchell F, Littleton/Lakewood
The ease with the staff as a parent to navigate through this process. Also, the instructors make my daughter feel very comfortable.
Lena T, SE Aurora
Website was easy to schedule drives, but when I had questions, someone always answered the phone and was eager to help.
Richard W, Aurora
My instructor was very nice and friendly. he was also a great teacher.
Dylan, Westminster
I liked how you could use it with the iPad. The course is easy to take and is divided into smaller chunks so that you can take it one part at a time.
Elisa M, Westminster
My son held his attention during whole process! That is a FEAT!
Kari G, Westminster
Kyle was friendly, informative, as well as very encouraging as he talked to our daughter about her last 2 hour drive, prior to her driving test.
Bob L, Evergreen
My kids were extremely anxious and were pleased with how everything went. They look forward to hitting the streets with more confidence.
Carmina E, Aurora
Driving instructor did an amazing job. Above and beyond. Exceeded my expectations and made my son’s driving experience exceptional!
Maya D., Student, Evergreen
The customer support via phone call was outstanding, and the staff did a wonderful job of answering any questions I or my family may have had. It was a beneficial experience.
Henry P, Westminster
I am confident that they are preparing my teen to be a safe driver!
Josh, SE Aurora
“The enrollment was smooth, and sessions were scheduled at MY earliest convenience. The instructor does everything to teach not just basic driving but essential tips of the road. My sincerest gratitude to my driving instructor and DriveSafe.”
Shelby S, Littleton/Lakewood
My son passed the permit test :). We found it really convenient that we can go to any location for classes. This worked well with my son’s football schedule.
Stephanie K, SE Aurora
The folks up front were so nice and I overheard a conversation between an instructor & a mom…she was fretful for her daughter, and he was so supportive and says that this is his job and she’s in good hands.
Carrie R, Wheat Ridge
My son’s first driving experience with an instructor had him really nervous, but DriveSafe Wheat Ridge was kind, reassuring and supportive! He is looking forward to his next lesson!
Tracy B, Greenwood Village
I’ve had 3 kids go through DriveSafe, and all have had a great experience. There is always someone that answers the phone when you call with questions, the classes are straightforward and concise, the driving sessions are beneficial, and my kids liked all of the drivers they had. I like how DriveSafe transfers all the students information to the DMV…very helpful.
Danielle V, Denver
Really helpful and nice front office staff, lots of options and flexibility for classes, and overall commitment to getting our kids safely into their driving years – thanks!!
Pete L, Wheat Ridge
Examiner was friendly and professional. The whole process was easy and painless.
Lexi, Boulder
My instructor was patient, clear, and very kind. He gave me very helpful tips on the road during my two hour lesson and assisted me to become a more confident driver. I will most definitely recommend this company to my friends and family!
Marcelina, Westminster
“Thank you for enrolling me in your Drive Safe School at Westminster. I am so happy. You have an office with staff that create and bring warm yet very professional environment to the customer, and it makes me feel comfortable and focused to complete the written test.”



More students choose DriveSafe for their drivers education than any other driving school in Colorado.

Peace of Mind

DriveSafe students (and their parents!) can be confident that they have the knowledge, tools, and decision-making skills to be safe drivers for life.


We offer more classes at more locations than any other driving school in Colorado, plus driving lessons seven days a week.


Through the DriveSafe for Life Guarantee™, we extend our commitment to you far beyond the completion of your program.


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The behind the wheel experience includes:

  • A basic skills refresher (identifying and addressing any bad habits)
  • Defensive skills maneuvers
  • Parking lot skills – ability to safely navigate into tight spots by using mirrors without over-relying on new technologies
  • Any additional skills that are required for your organization (e.g., pulling trailers)


The classroom experience includes:

  • Safety driving principles
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle control and crash avoidance skills)
  • Driver attitude and responsibility
  • Distracted driving awareness
  • A refresher of the rules (most drivers have not been tested since they were 15)
  • A chance to introduce the rules that are “new” to experienced drivers


Your customized plan will:

  • Set expectations for your employees
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to a safe work environment
  • Reduce liability
  • Reflect your company’s priorities and particular requirements
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