Drivers Education Resources

Helpful links and materials

Drivers Education can be a daunting process. Here are links to useful information for you and/or the new driver in your family.


Parent orientation to drivers education

Navigating the road to safe driving starts here.


Safety Sessions

Video lessons that give you clear insight into safe driving techniques.


Social media

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10 Tips to safe driving

10 Tips to Safe Driving (That Will Help You or Your Teen Pass the Drivers License Test)


Useful information on a range of driving related topics, from Colorado Graduated Licensing laws to tips for driving in the winter.


DriveSafe Driving Schools is proud to sponsor an annual essay competition for high school seniors and graduates.

Auto Warranty

We researched the best extended auto warranty in Denver to keep you on the road longer.

Road Rage

Why we have road rage and how to combat it. - A post by The Simple Dollar

Winter Weather Driving

A well written guide on how to drive safely in ice and snow. - A post by Boulder Home Source


A complete guide on how to determine the right kind and level of protection for one of your most important financial investments: your car.

Karching Driving App

Log your practice driving and export your driving history.


Colorado DMV Resources

Colorado driver handbook

A summary of the laws, rules and safe driving practices that apply to all persons who drive a vehicle in the state of Colorado.

Pre-registration requirement

Steps to obtain a pre-registration code, which is required for all drivers education students.

Permit requirements

Information to make sure you know what is required.


Identification Requirements

Having the right documents to verify your identity will make your visit to the DMV smoother.

Drive Time Log Sheet

Log your practice driving on this sheet provided by the DMV.

Road Ready App

Log your practice driving and export your driving history.

OTHER Resources

AAA Colorado

A leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers.


AAA Teen Driving

Keys2Drive, a AAA guide to teen driver safety.


AAA Approved Driving School

When parents see “AAA Approved”, they know their student is getting the highest quality drivers education available.

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The behind the wheel experience includes:

  • A basic skills refresher (identifying and addressing any bad habits)
  • Defensive skills maneuvers
  • Parking lot skills – ability to safely navigate into tight spots by using mirrors without over-relying on new technologies
  • Any additional skills that are required for your organization (e.g., pulling trailers)


The classroom experience includes:

  • Safety driving principles
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle control and crash avoidance skills)
  • Driver attitude and responsibility
  • Distracted driving awareness
  • A refresher of the rules (most drivers have not been tested since they were 15)
  • A chance to introduce the rules that are “new” to experienced drivers


Your customized plan will:

  • Set expectations for your employees
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to a safe work environment
  • Reduce liability
  • Reflect your company’s priorities and particular requirements
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