Class Schedule

  1. To enroll in classes and purchase a package, select the class type and location
  2. Students are welcome at any location.
  3. You will be able to remove or change classes after enrollment using the Parent/Student Portal.
  1. Click a Service Package (Basic, Plus, Safe or Premium) to enroll in the series of classes on that row and to purchase that Service Package.
  2. You will be able to remove individual classes after enrollment and change classes in the Parent/Student Portal.
  1. Choose a class date and Click to Enroll. Students can attend at any location.
  2. Choose your Service Package (Class Only, Enhanced, Safety, Premium)
  3. Classes can be changed in the Parent/Student Portal at any time after enrollment.
  1. If your Service Package already includes Defensive Skills Day, go to the Parent/Student Portal to enroll in a Defensive Skills Day event.
  2. To enroll and purchase Defensive Skills Day, find the date and location of an event you want to attend. Click to Enroll and Enroll.

Please select Class and Location

If you are already enrolled, go to the Parent Portal to register for a class or call 303-721-8881
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