Drivers Education from Classes to License Testing

Take Your State Required Drivers Education

Colorado is a graduated licensing state—which is a system that provides new drivers with driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. Not only does DriveSafe offer engaging and interactive classes, but our Behind-the Wheel program focuses on skills that help students make safe decisions that will last a lifetime. We offer the state-mandated classroom courses at ten convenient locations, including weekends, evenings, school breaks, and even online. Teens can start driver's education as early as age 14 ½!

Get Your Permit

DriveSafe's classroom experience is not only tailored to help students prepare for the written permit test, but our program focuses on teaching our students how to make safe decisions while they are in the car and learning to drive. Once the classroom experience and permit test are completed, students 15 and older can apply for the permit at the DMV. The next step is to start driving with a parent and scheduling your driving lessons!

Take Your State-Required 6 Hours of Driving Lessons & License Test

Driving lessons are not only a state requirement for young teens—they offer a wide range of benefits. Our lessons are designed to cultivate a lifetime of safe habits and increase confidence behind-the-wheel. We find that students who complete at least six hours of professional instruction within the first six months of holding their permits are more likely to pass the license test than students who wait. Once your permit has been held for a full year, complete a hassle-free Driver's License Test with DriveSafe to finally become a licensed driver!