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be.Driving Safe Driver

Goes Beyond State Requirements
Helps You Become
a Safe Driver for Life






Years of


Students Expertly




30-Hour Classroom Course

Written Permit Test

6-Hours of Driving Lessons

Drivers License Test

Goes Beyond State Requirements for Drivers Ed

3-Hour Defensive Skills Day

Insurance Discounts May Apply

Flexible Scheduling Options

Confidence-Focused Curriculum

DriveSafe for Life GuaranteeTM


The be.Driving Safe Driver program goes beyond Colorado drivers education requirements and includes our 5-hour Defensive Skills Day. The 30-hour classroom course uses an engaging and interactive approach to teach you the basics of driving and includes the official Permit Test. Once you have your permit, you will complete six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a highly trained, state-certified instructor. These lessons are geared toward your specific needs and are designed to help you become a safe, confident driver. Next, at Defensive Skills Day you will learn potentially life-saving skills including skid control, defensive maneuvers, and accident avoidance techniques as well as experience the risks of distracted driving. Finally, the Safe Driver program includes your Drivers License Test so you can test in a friendly, supportive environment rather than at the DMV.  Upgrade to our be.Driving Premium Safe Driver program to include an additional four hours of driving lessons, and Save!


Roxane S, Louisville
My daughter really enjoyed the class! She tried to do on-line, in-person was the way to go! She learned so much (she loves correcting me now) AND never complained about going! So proud of her, and so many thanks to you guys! Great job!!!
Vivian D, Littleton/Lakewood
I received AMAZING service from someone on the phone. He really helped me out of a jam today! Needed to schedule a last-minute permit test, and he found a location for my son to take the test two hours later!
Sandra, Boulder
“I had a wonderful experience with your program. I was impressed by the professionalism of your program and of your staff. My instructor was marvelous in guiding me to get a driver’s license. His calm and professional demeanor made this possible for me!”
Sidney, Highlands Ranch
“Great service and overall experience! I feel much more comfortable on the road and they really try to get you to try new things so that you will be prepared when you’re on the road alone. Definitely go to DriveSafe!”
Alan R, Greenwood Village
The staff have been more than exceptional. They have provided constructive feedback and helpful tips to keep my driver engaged and open to learning.
Travis L, Denver
The license process for a teenage kid is daunting, but DriveSafe made the experience a rather seamless transition.
Stacey S, SE Aurora
My son hates learning things and he actually enjoyed the program and all the knowledge he gained. He was excited to go even though it was on the weekends.
Dani T, Littleton/Lakewood
Your instructors and staff are fantastic and I’m so glad I went with DriveSafe!
Cathy U, Highlands Ranch
I like that you can do (almost) everything at DriveSafe….testing, classes, behind the wheel, etc. There is little to no need to go to the actual DMV!!! The instructors are very helpful and encouraging to the students.
Jeremy J, Highlands Ranch
Great experience. Drive test was cancelled due to COVID, was able to get in VERY quickly to complete as soon as DriveSafe could reopen.



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