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Expanded Driver Awareness Plus

Intensive Classroom Plus 6 Hours
Behind-the-Wheel Training






Years of


Students Expertly




4-Hour Expanded Driver Awareness

Written Permit Test

6-Hours of Driving Lessons

Drivers License Test

Fulfills State Requirements for Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

Flexible Scheduling Options

Confidence-Focused Curriculum

Highly trained, state-certified classroom instructors

DriveSafe for Life GuaranteeTM

Behind-the-Wheel Progress Tracker


The Expanded Driver Awareness Plus program is available to students who are 15-1/2 and older who want to qualify for their permit and also receive comprehensive Behind-the-Wheel Training. It includes four hours of intensive classroom instruction, the written permit test, and six hours of driving lessons. The class is designed to engage students through interactive learning as we help them become safe decision-makers. The driving lessons are taught by highly trained, state-certified instructors and are focused on teaching the 10 key skills required to be a safe driver. Included in this program is the Drivers License test, so you can avoid the stress and hassle of testing at the DMV. For the ultimate in drivers education, upgrade to Expanded Driver Awareness Premium Safe Driver, and Save!


Ryan M, Denver
I had the best experience at DriveSafe. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. My instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and wanted me to succeed. His tips and guidance made the difference between failing and passing in my case. The front desk was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend DriveSafe!
Shawn P, SE Aurora
I love that the Defensive Skills Day was included in our package. Anything that can help a new driver with her/his confidence is a bonus!
Dalton B, Arvada
I really liked doing the online courses for learning about driving. The online courses went into much detail and made it fun. It had games and made it very interactive. Also, all the workers were super nice when I went to take my permit test. Overall, I had a great experience with DriveSafe.
Parent, Colorado
In comparison to the one my son took beDrivingAmerica was a lot better. My daughter enjoyed and really understood this more. Very great online class. I would recommend this to anyone.
Keith J, Littleton/Lakewood
Excellent service. Excellent instruction. Excellent philosophy. Great value. So beneficial for my teen!!
Hannah P, Colorado
I really enjoyed the course. I felt like it was very easy to go through all the chapters, videos, pages, etc. I thought the review was really helpful at the end of each chapter.
Shay T, Littleotn/Lakewood
My teenager had great instructors for his day of Defensive Skills Day! He really enjoyed the entire three hours of instruction and I think he is a more confident driver as a result of taking this hands on class.
Jamie E, Wheat Ridge
I feel that my daughter received top quality driver’s education, and the location was convenient. The staff at DriveSafe were all very friendly and helpful as well.
Sandra, Boulder
“I had a wonderful experience with your program. I was impressed by the professionalism of your program and of your staff. My instructor was marvelous in guiding me to get a driver’s license. His calm and professional demeanor made this possible for me!”
Kelly C, Greenwood Village
DriveSafe has been a very easy, hassle free experience thus far. There is always a knowledgeable English speaking human available over the phone to answer all questions or simply schedule appointments. Our child had her initial drive last night and the instructor could not have been more helpful and friendly. DriveSafe schedules driving 7 days a week, day and night, so there is plenty of availability to choose from. It’s nice to work with others that enjoy their jobs and assisting our young individuals in navigating this world.



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