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Online be.Driving 30 Hour Program

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Online 30-Hour Course

Written Permit Test

Fulfills State Requirements for Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (does not apply to Online Class Only)

Available on any Device

Enrollment Never Expires

Games, Animations, and Videos


The Online be.Driving 30-Hour Program is a highly interactive and in-depth drivers education program designed by drivers education professionals and approved by the State of Colorado. It covers numerous concepts critical to becoming a safe driver including: driving in adverse conditions; the impact of alcohol on driving; understanding the zone of control; space cushion management, and much more. The written permit test is included and can be taken at any DriveSafe center in the Denver Metro area. You can use any computer, tablet or even your phone in Windows, Apple or Android environments.  Add Behind-the-Wheel Training (a legal requirement for most teens) and take advantage of remarkable savings by registering for one of our Online be.Driving Comprehensive Programs!


Parent, Colorado
In comparison to the one my son took beDrivingAmerica was a lot better. My daughter enjoyed and really understood this more. Very great online class. I would recommend this to anyone.
Hannah P, Colorado
I really enjoyed the course. I felt like it was very easy to go through all the chapters, videos, pages, etc. I thought the review was really helpful at the end of each chapter.
Grant M, Colorado
I enjoyed the class. It was interactive and I had the ability to go back and review. It was easy to maneuver and I liked the pace.
Dalton B, Arvada
I really liked doing the online courses for learning about driving. The online courses went into much detail and made it fun. It had games and made it very interactive. Also, all the workers were super nice when I went to take my permit test. Overall, I had a great experience with DriveSafe.
Maya D., Student, Evergreen
The customer support via phone call was outstanding, and the staff did a wonderful job of answering any questions I or my family may have had. It was a beneficial experience.
Adaline S, Longmont
Outstanding 30-hour online class – kept my child engaged and learned so much. The location for permit test was professional with friendly, helpful staff.
Shannon P, Highlands Ranch
All the instructors have been very positive, kind and personable with my daughter during the driving lessons. Taking the online class was easy and the website is very user friendly. I have been pleased with my daughter’s overall driving experience through DriveSafe.
Anthony, Colorado
I liked the course. It taught me things I’ve never heard of like the IPDE process. Some strengths are they go in to good detail when explaining things. The chapter quizzes were good too because it keeps your mind refreshed about what you just learned. There wasn’t really any bad things. I think over all it’s a really good course.
Beckett, Greenwood Village
The commentators and the overall welcoming atmosphere of the course was nice. Also the layout is easy to use. I recommend this course.
Joshua T., Colorado
“The course was quite enjoyable. One of my favorite parts of the course was that I could complete it at my own pace at home. This required me to be responsible in completing the course and retaining the information, which I liked. The tests after every chapter also helped in the retention of information…”


This does not include the mandatory Behind The Wheel instruction
to satisfy the State requirements for a drivers license.


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