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DriveSafe Car Care and Safety Clinic for Teens

Presented by DriveSafe Driving Schools. The premier driver’s education school in Colorado!






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Teens will be taught a variety of skills that will help them stay safe on the road. The activities planned will give participants hands-on experience in learning the importance of focus, and the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. Through games that test reaction time, or require participants to wear “drunk goggles,” attendees can understand types of driving threats within a simulated context.

The clinic will also cover rules of the road, and important car care instructions such as how to change a tire or check your oil.

DriveSafe is offering free one-hour safety clinics

One-hour sessions from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to inclement weather forcast.

Parents are encouraged to stay for the hour of instruction to learn more about DriveSafe and what makes us different from other driving schools.


Clinic will be held in most weather conditions; however, it is subject to cancellation in extreme weather.

"DriveSafe Colorado recently presented a "You've Got This: Car Maintenance for New Drivers" program at Meadows Branch Library. The instructor, Brent, shared valuable maintenance tips and tricks. Brent was very prepared and knowledgeable, and participants enjoyed learning through hands-on instruction. We even worked together as a group to change a tire. Thank you for this fun, educational session!"

Can’t make it?  No problem! Just sign up for our fabulous Defensive Skills Day!  Actual behind-the-wheel practice in handling skidding on slick surfaces, higher level car handling techniques for accident avoidance, texting while going through the course and other life preserving skills!  Includes some basic car maintenance as well!

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