Behind the Wheel 50 Hours Practice Plus Drive Test

    •  Twenty-Frive 2-Hour, Private Driving Lessons
    •  Personalized Feedback
    •  Fulfills ALL State Requirements for Driving
    •  Behind-the-Wheel Progress Tracker
    •  Driver's License Test
    •  Fundamental Skills Training
    •  Driving with Density and Complexity
    •  Driving with Speed and Complexity
    •  Flexible Scheduling Options
    •  DriveSafe for Life Guarantee


    • Private, One-on-One Instruction
    • Professional Driver Training for All Required Hours
    • Highest Value Driving Package
    • Helps Identify Areas of Need
    • Teaches 10 Key Safe Driving Skills
    • Exposure to a Variety of Driving Situations
    • Nurtures Safe, Lifelong Driving Habits
    • Convenient, No-Stress Testing Environment

About This Course

The Behind-the-Wheel 50 Hour program is our most in-depth driver’s education package. Learning with DriveSafe’s fun, expert instructors helps you learn a lifetime of safe driving habits. DriveSafe’s lessons are personalized and one-on-one, so all appointments are adapted to suit your needs. With our caring instructors, you will learn how to be a safe driver and cultivate your skills in every lesson. Our drivers coach and work with you to develop your abilities and increase your driving confidence. Also included with this program is the official Driver’s License Test, so you can test with a DriveSafe instructor. With 50 hours of private instruction, this program offers our best and most extensive value, and covers all required driving hours. Enroll today for the ultimate in safe driver training.

For Parents

Whether you have a busy life schedule, or just need the guidance of a professional driving instructor for your student, DriveSafe’s 50 Hour driving program is the ultimate in driver’s education. Your student will learn how to drive from knowledgeable, professional instructors, honing safe driving habits and learning all the responsibilities that come with driving. The 50 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training include comprehensive instruction and meets all driving log requirements for your student to qualify for a Driver’s License. This package deal features our best value, and scheduling is flexible to fit your needs. We offer ongoing feedback for all drives, so that you can consult with our instructors and track your student’s driving progress through the entire program. The Driver’s License Test is included with your program—we take care of all behind-the-wheel licensing requirements. Eliminate the stress of teaching your student to drive and let DriveSafe’s experts cultivate a lifetime of safe driving.