Behind the Wheel Safe Driver

    •  Three 2-Hour, Private Driving Lessons
    •  Personalized Feedback
    •  Fulfills Requirements for Professional Instruction
    •  Behind-the-Wheel Progress Tracker
    •  5-Hour Defensive Skills Day
    •  Driver's License Test
    •  Fundamental Skills Training
    •  Driving with Density and Complexity
    •  Driving with Speed and Complexity
    •  Flexible Scheduling Options
    •  DriveSafe for Life Guarantee


    • Private, One-on-One Instruction
    • Helps Identify Areas of Need
    • Teaches 10 Key Safe Driving Skills
    • Exposure to a Variety of Driving Situations
    • Nurtures Safe, Lifelong Driving Habits
    • Learn Life-Saving Skills: Accident Avoidance, Skid Control, and MORE!
    • Teaches Basic Vehicle Maintenance and Perils of Distracted Driving
    • Convenient, No-Stress Testing Environment

About This Course

DriveSafe’s Behind-the-Wheel Safe Driver is one of our most comprehensive programs, and helps you learn the skills to be safe and confident on the road. All drives are focused on your needs and feature one-on-one instruction. Our friendly, expert instructors offer personalized feedback on all drives and work with you to develop safe driving habits for life. The Driver’s License Test is also included in this program, so you can test from the comfort of a DriveSafe office. Under the Safe Driver program, you also get our Defensive Skills Day course, an interactive event that teaches you advanced skills such as skid control, basic maintenance, driving in reverse, accident avoidance, and more. Enroll today to start learning a lifetime of safe driving habits.

For Parents

For the best in safe driving, DriveSafe’s Behind-the-Wheel Safe Driver program includes all the State requirements for professional behind-the-wheel instruction as well as a 5-hour Defensive Skills Day course. Our behind-the-wheel lessons feature personalized one-on-one instruction, which helps your student develop the skills necessary to become a safe driver for life. The drives involve a variety of driving situations and help build your student’s driving confidence. Feedback from each lesson highlights which skills to focus on as you practice with your student. This program also includes the official Driver’s License Test and DriveSafe’s Defensive Skills Day, which focuses on advanced safety skills such as accident avoidance, skid control, vehicle maintenance and more! Sign up today to help your student learn safe, lifelong driving skills.