Behind the Wheel Six Plus Drive Test

    •  Three 2-Hour, Private Driving Lessons
    •  Personalized Feedback
    •  Fulfills Requirements for Professional Instruction
    •  Behind-the-Wheel Progress Tracker
    •  Driver's License Test
    •  Fundamental Skills Training
    •  Driving with Density and Complexity
    •  Driving with Speed and Complexity
    •  Flexible Scheduling Options
    •  DriveSafe for Life Guarantee


    • Private, One-on-One Instruction
    • Helps Identify Areas of Need
    • Teaches 10 Key Safe Driving Skills
    • Exposure to a Variety of Driving Situations
    • Nurtures Safe, Lifelong Driving Habits
    • Convenient, No-Stress Testing Environment

About This Course

If you’re looking to fulfill all driver’s educations requirements for the Driver’s License, our Behind-the-Wheel Six Plus Drive Test program makes it easy and convenient. Through six hours of professional behind-the-wheel instruction, our friendly and helpful instructors will identify which areas to work on and help you develop safe driving skills. You will get practical on-the-road experience in a variety of driving situations, with increasing complexity as you are ready. We focus on building your confidence and ability so that you can become a safe driver for life. This program includes the official Driver’s License Test, so you can test at your own pace through a DriveSafe office. To learn even more life-saving skills, upgrade to our Behind-the-Wheel Safe Driver program to add Defensive Skills Day!

For Parents

DriveSafe’s Behind-the-Wheel Six Plus Drive Test program is an excellent choice for families seeking comprehensive driver’s education. Our behind-the-wheel lessons cover a wide range of skills and focus on the needs of your student. All lessons are private and one-on-one, so you can rest assured that your student’s development is always our focus. We include ongoing feedback so you know what skills your student needs to practice. This version of the program also bundles in the official Driver’s License Test. Ease the anxiety of testing your student at the DMV, and let us take care of it! All appointments are easy to schedule and flexible options are available. For even more safe driving development, upgrading to our Behind-the-Wheel Safe Driver Program, which includes DriveSafe’s Defensive Skills Day!