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Every company that operates a fleet of vehicles needs to develop and implement a Fleet Safety Plan. By developing and maintaining an effective fleet safety program, you will be empowered to save lives, reduce risks of life-altering injuries, protect your organization’s human and financial resources, and protect yourself against liabilities.

– Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Clients we have served include:

Advantages of having your employees go through a fleet safety program:

Save money through fewer incidents
Save money by getting insurance discounts
Reduce liability
Create a safer workforce and workplace
Eliminate negative PR (from an employee driving aggressively)

Regardless of your organization’s size, everyone benefits when they remain safe behind the wheel.

Choosing DriveSafe to train your employees improves driver safety and lowers company risks by delivering the very best professional classes and behind the wheel training available. From Fleet Safety Plans to Driving Safety Courses to a comprehensive Behind-the-Wheel experience, DriveSafe partners with organizations of all sizes to improve team driving performance. Let us customize a package to fit your demands.

Our comprehensive fleet safety program includes:

Fleet Safety Plan

Your customized plan will:

  • Set expectations for your employees
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to a safe work environment
  • Reduce liability
  • Reflect your company’s priorities and particular requirements

Classroom Session

The classroom experience includes:

  • Safety driving principles
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle control and crash avoidance skills)
  • Driver attitude and responsibility
  • Distracted driving awareness
  • A refresher of the rules (most drivers have not been tested since they were 15)
  • A chance to introduce the rules that are “new” to experienced drivers

Behind the Wheel Training

The behind the wheel experience includes:

  • A basic skills refresher (identifying and addressing any bad habits)
  • Defensive skills maneuvers
  • Parking lot skills – ability to safely navigate into tight spots by using mirrors without over-relying on new technologies
  • Any additional skills that are required for your organization (e.g., pulling trailers)


DriveSafe Driving School was a great experience from setting up the training, customizing to our needs, to affordability and the actual bus training. They accommodated our every need and made all the effort to make our teachers comfortable driving our buses. They came to us which made the whole experience seamless. Thank you for making our experience easy and we will absolutely be using DriveSafe Driving Schools for all our bus training.

Casey, Coordinator
Casey, Coordinator

We utilized your DriveSafe training program for eight of our teachers so that they could drive our new 15 passenger van. The feedback about the program was quite positive. We would definitely use your services again!

Ramsay, Head of School
Ramsay, Head of School

The experience was in-depth and touched on many components of driving forgotten as a teenager.


The presenter was very engaging and passionate about safety.


The staff was very courteous, patient, and helpful during the driving training.


In order to enhance the safety training of our staff, we contacted DriveSafe to provide an upgrade on their driving abilities. The session consisted of classroom and in-vehicle time. Our instructor, Ken, made the classroom session enjoyable and easy to sit through, which was much appreciated and refreshing as the classroom sessions are typically dry and uninteresting. The in-vehicle session was a great reminder of the how we can all end up with some bad habits and how to correct them. We will definitely use DriveSafe again for training as the need arises.

James, Field Safety Lead
James, Field Safety Lead

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