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Defensive Driving Course Evergreen

1-Day Course: Develop Skills to Stay Safe in Emergency Situations

Defensive Skills Day

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What Is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is driving in a way that allows you to avoid hazards or collisions by anticipating them before they pose a threat. It involves learning how to calmly and appropriately react when hazards can’t be avoided. Defensive drivers are less likely to get into collisions because they tend to be more alert and aware of their surroundings, and they are also less likely to panic in the face of an obstacle.

About Our Evergreen Defensive Driving Course

Defensive Skills Day is a 3-hour program that offers new drivers the opportunity to learn skills that will help them stay safe when they encounter challenging or emergency situations on the road. 

Through various training exercises in a controlled environment, drivers will learn:

How to Control a Car During a Skid:

In Colorado, we’re faced with all sorts of seasonal road conditions. It’s important for all drivers to know how to handle the wheel and understand the physics of driving, so you can calmly and confidently return yourself to safety. Our Colorado defensive driving course covers these scenarios.

Learn How to Maneuver Around Unexpected Hazards 

Whether it’s sudden traffic stops, wildlife crossings, fallen rocks, or blind curves, DriveSafe enables you to safely practice split-second decisions and precision driving to prepare yourself for unexpected challenges on the road.

The Dangers of Distracted or Impaired Driving 

Defensive driving course participants will attempt to text and drive through a marked-off course in a parking lot, to demonstrate the difficulties and dangers of compromised attention.

Participants will attempt various activities while wearing drunk goggles to simulate the inability to operate safely while impaired.

Car Care Safety 

One of the quickest ways to make your car unsafe to drive, is to not properly care for it.
Within our defensive driving class, students will learn various car maintenance skills such as how to check/fill oil, how to change a flat tire, what tools/ supplies to carry with you in case of an emergency and more, to holistically empower drivers on the road.

Our Colorado defensive driving course instructors guide students through the various courses to increase exposure, skill, and comfort levels. Through repetition and expert tips, our defensive driving class prepares students for life-long safe driving. Defensive Skills Day takes place primarily in the family vehicle, except for the skidding exercise which takes place in DriveSafe vehicles.

Our Colorado defensive driving course can be purchased separately or as part of Drivers Education and Behind-the-Wheel Programs.


Benefits of DriveSafe's Defensive Driving Class

Learn important defensive driving techniques that can’t normally be practiced on the open road

Get hands-on experience evading obstacles at higher speeds and on slick surfaces

Learn techniques to prevent your vehicle from skidding

Learn how to regain control of your vehicle during a skid

Understand when to brake and when to accelerate in collision avoidance scenarios

Attempt various exercises while wearing “drunk goggles” to simulate visual and motor impairment

Send a text while navigating a course to see how dangerous texting while driving can be

Get instructions on the basics of car safety maintenance, such as checking tire pressure and oil, changing a tire, and learning to jump-start a car

Auto Insurance Discount

Many car insurance companies offer safe driver incentives that help reduce monthly premiums. Your auto insurance company likely offers an auto insurance discount for taking a defensive driving course because it signifies that you are gaining the knowledge and experience to become a safe driver.

According to WalletHub, successful completion of approved defensive driving courses can save Colorado drivers up to 10% on their auto insurance premium. This can be considerable savings for many drivers, especially for parents who often have their teens on their auto insurance policy. Be sure to check with your auto insurance agent to find out whether defensive driving classes could save you money on your monthly auto insurance premium.

Many of our students who complete our defensive driving classes find that the amount saved from the insurance discount covers the cost of our defensive driving course!

Driving Class Schedule

There are no classes scheduled for your selected location. Please select another location or call 303-721-8881 for assistance.

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