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A Final Goodbye to CollegeDrive

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The CollegeDrive Test Prep And Tutoring side of Baron Investments, made the difficult decision to close the business at the end of April.

The landscape of college admissions test preparation has undergone significant changes since the 2020 shutdown, which resulted in the cessation of testing and major alterations to college admissions policies and standards. After thorough analysis of the current and future business models for CollegeDrive, part of Baron Investments, we made the difficult decision to close the Test Prep and Tutoring business this spring.

At CollegeDrive, we extend our sincerest gratitude to the dedicated team of tutors and teachers who have committed to students’ success over the years. We have done our best to support our employees in the ease of this transition, and have confidence they will find success in their respective career fields and other professional tutoring opportunities.

For nearly fifteen years, CollegeDrive has proudly contributed to students’ academic trajectories. Through CollegeDrive’s services, students have earned increased scholarship funds and developed essential skills for their college careers. 

As CollegeDrive Test Prep and Tutoring closes, Baron Educations’ other business, DriveSafe Driving Schools, is gearing up for another record-breaking summer season. We will continue to deliver top-quality drivers’ education programs, and soon expand our services further throughout the State of Colorado. 

Baron Investments thanks everyone for their loyalty to CollegeDrive and DriveSafe. CollegeDrive cannot thank our customers, employees, and community enough for the opportunity to be a part of fostering academic success and empowerment throughout the Colorado educational community. We are honored to have worked with such incredible students and wish everyone the absolute best.

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