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Colorado Drivers Licenses and Driving Regulations: New Laws to Keep in Mind for 2022

As 2021 fades from view, many Coloradans will usher in 2022 with resolutions to incorporate life-improving changes into their lives. Change is often associated with the welcoming of a new year, but it’s not only lifestyle habits and signature dates that will be affected by this marked passing of time. Aspiring and currently licensed drivers need to be aware of recent and upcoming changes in Colorado driving regulations. 

To help you stay in the legal loop, we’ve listed some of the important changes in Colorado laws that will impact motorists in our community:

Adults Over 65 Can Renew Their Colorado Drivers Licenses Online 

Renewing a drivers license has officially become easier for senior motorists. Under the Drivers License Electronic Renewal by Seniors Act, drivers who are over the age of 65 and who have a current photo on file with the system can now renew their licenses online. At the start of the pandemic, an emergency order was issued to allow drivers over 65 the opportunity to renew their licenses (or IDs) electronically, and this new law enacted in late 2021 has moved to make this convenient option permanent. 

For more information on the DMV online renewal requirements, you can visit this site. Drivers licenses can also be renewed by using the myColorado App found here.  

Eye Exam Requirements for Online Drivers License Renewals Have Been Modified

Under the same law mentioned above, drivers between the ages of 21 and 79 will need to have had an eye exam within one year (rather than the previously stated three years) in order to renew their drivers licenses virtually. Drivers who are 80 or older must upload a document signed by an eye doctor affirming that they have had an eye exam in the last six months as well as disclosing the details of the exam. 

By requiring more recent eye exams, officials are hoping that this will help ensure that all licensed drivers are able to clearly see the road ahead of them. 

Student Drivers Will Have More Flexibility in Logging Their Behind-the-Wheel Hours

In order to get their drivers licenses, student motorists under 18 must log a minimum of 50 hours of driving practice (at least ten of those hours must be logged during nighttime). Before the Drivers License Electronic Renewal by Seniors Act, a student’s driving logs were only allowed to be signed by the adult who signed his/her affidavit of liability, but now any parent, guardian, or supervising adult can sign the form. This will streamline the process of getting a drivers license for the students as well as give more flexibility to the adults helping them log their behind-the-wheel practice lessons

Outstanding Court Debt Will No Longer Result in Suspended Drivers Licenses

Beginning January 1st, drivers who have outstanding court debt will no longer face the possibility of losing their driving privileges. Thousands of Coloradans have had their drivers licenses suspended due to an inability to pay court costs, and many residents and policy makers argue that this makes it difficult for affected individuals to work and carry out the necessities of their daily lives. The Colorado State Patrol has found that many people with suspended drivers licenses tend to continue to drive anyway, so the hope is that this new law will make the streets safer for everyone by minimizing the amount of uninsured drivers on our community roads. 

New License Plate Laws Go Into Effect

The License Plate Expiration on Change of Ownership Act goes into effect on the first of January. Under this law, motorists will need to obtain new license plates when they transfer ownership of a Class C vehicle (such as by selling or gifting a vehicle to someone), as old license plates can no longer be transferred to new vehicles. Officials state that this measure is designed to increase the safety of motorists and first responders by replacing faded license plates with ones that are easily readable, and the new plates will also be reflective to help motorists make out stalled vehicles when driving in poorly lit areas. If drivers prefer to keep their old license plate numbers, they are able to do so by purchasing customized plates. 

Closing Thoughts

The New Year symbolizes positive change and transformation, and hopefully these modifications to Colorado laws will have a positive influence on helping to make life more convenient, fair, and safe for all of the motorists in our community in 2022 and beyond. Whether or not any of these laws affect you personally, being aware of local legal changes is an important part of being an informed citizen and driver. 

We wish you a happy and healthy 2022!

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