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Drivesafe Driving Experts Show 9news How To Handle Slippery Colorado Roads

The team from Colorado’s most trusted driving school shows 9News how to safely handle a skid when driving on slippery roads. Watch the video to brush up on your winter driving skills!

Understanding how to drive in winter conditions is important for any Coloradan. Our vibrant state is famous for its blizzards, and this year has granted us an especially large amount of snowfall.

While this is good news for winter sports fans, it makes driving on the slippery roads a bit more hazardous and anxiety-inducing than usual. This is why it’s helpful for all drivers to brush up on the skills needed to safely drive on wet and icy conditions, especially when it comes to handling a skid.

9News turned to the trusted experts here at DriveSafe for a refresher on what to do during a skid, and our CEO Ben Baron and Field Manager Adam Williams were happy to provide the Colorado community with tips on how to do just that.

Check out the video below to see our driving experts in action:

Learn How to Drive In the Snow With a Colorado Defensive Driving Class

Whether you’re a driver new to the area, a new driver who wants more practice driving in inclement conditions, or a seasoned pro who could use a refresher on winter driving skills, get in touch today and ask about our defensive driving class!

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