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Drivesafe’s Highlands Ranch Location Is The First AAA Approved Driving School In Colorado!

DriveSafe Driving Schools is proud to announce that our Highlands Ranch location has officially become the first AAA Approved Driving School in Colorado! This is a huge moment for our company, and we are incredibly excited to develop our relationship with an organization that’s such a leading force in driver safety.

What Does It Mean When a Driving School Is AAA Approved?

From providing dependable roadside assistance to promoting exemplary driver education and safety practices, AAA is known throughout the country as being one of the most trusted resources for motorists, a reputation that began nearly 100 years ago.

Because of the longevity and experience behind the organization, the representatives at AAA are more than familiar with the many concerns parents have when it comes time to teach their teenagers how to drive, as well as the apprehension new drivers face before getting behind the wheel.

This is where the initiative for AAA Approved Driving Schools comes from.

Developing and practicing cautious and competent driving habits is the key to keeping all parties safe on the road, a goal that is only attainable when a person acquires the proper skillset to become a safe driver and a responsible decision maker.

Because there is so much riding on a new driver receiving proper education, choosing a driving school can often be an overwhelming and stressful experience.

The AAA Approved Driving Schools program is designed to make it easy for those in search of a trustworthy drivers ed course. The program only approves a driving school after stringently evaluating the institution on a variety of factors that deem it trustworthy, safe, and effective.

The goal is that anyone looking into a driving school can look for the statement of “AAA Approved” and rest easy knowing the hard work of vetting the company has already been done. After all, if the largest advocate for traffic safety trusts the school, new drivers and their parents can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Additionally, AAA members can receive discounts relating to the costs of the Approved Driving Schools.

How Did DriveSafe’s Highlands Ranch Location Become the First Colorado AAA Approved Driving School?

DriveSafe Driving Schools was founded over ten years ago, and the goal was always to create the finest driving school in Colorado. We wanted to provide families and students with an outstanding experience in the classroom, during driving lessons, and with our customer service.

Our largest priority has always been helping our students become safe drivers, which we achieve through our philosophy of teaching safe decision making on the road, utilizing a confidence-building, engaging approach to drivers education, and treating driving like the lifelong skill set and responsibility that it is.

With over ten locations currently serving the Denver-Metro area, our approach has led us to become Colorado’s largest and most trusted driving school. This same approach has also allowed our Highlands Ranch location to meet the stringent criteria required to become a AAA Approved Driving School. This includes the evaluation of several distinct areas, including:

  • Our company’s reputation
  • The experience and qualifications of our instructors
  • The quality of our customer service
  • The safety of our vehicles
  • The presentation of our facility
  • The comprehensiveness of our curriculum

Moving Forward With Safety In Mind

Both DriveSafe Driving Schools and AAA share a commitment to making our increasingly crowded roads safe. Having our Highlands Ranch location selected to be the first AAA Approved Driving School in Colorado is an affirmation of what we have worked so hard toward over the past decade.

We are especially excited for what AAA’s initiative will mean for the community. We are currently in the process of having all of DriveSafe’s locations approved, and we encourage quality driving schools throughout the state to do so as well.

At the end of the day, we all win when novice drivers everywhere in Colorado are trained to be safe motorists and responsible decision makers.

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