The 2021-2022 DriveSafe Scholarship Competition Is Now Open for Submissions!


DriveSafe Driving Schools is happy to announce that our annual DriveSafe Scholarship Competition has launched! As the largest and most trusted driving school in Colorado, DriveSafe understands the importance of education, and our mission is to help students prepare for their future and reach their greatest potential. We are honored to play a small role in helping a standout student along his/her academic journey by offering a $1500 scholarship award that can be used in any way that facilitates the furthering of the recipient’s education. 

We are asking applicants to address what they have learned about themselves as a result of learning how to drive. We welcome essays and video submissions; details regarding applicant eligibility, essay/video length, and the submission process can be found on our scholarship submission page

We received countless awe-inspiring submissions during last year’s competition, and we look forward to seeing the creativity and insight that this year’s applicants send our way. We are proud of every student who takes the time to apply, and we genuinely look forward to reviewing the submissions. Good luck!

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The behind the wheel experience includes:

  • A basic skills refresher (identifying and addressing any bad habits)
  • Defensive skills maneuvers
  • Parking lot skills – ability to safely navigate into tight spots by using mirrors without over-relying on new technologies
  • Any additional skills that are required for your organization (e.g., pulling trailers)


The classroom experience includes:

  • Safety driving principles
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle control and crash avoidance skills)
  • Driver attitude and responsibility
  • Distracted driving awareness
  • A refresher of the rules (most drivers have not been tested since they were 15)
  • A chance to introduce the rules that are “new” to experienced drivers


Your customized plan will:

  • Set expectations for your employees
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to a safe work environment
  • Reduce liability
  • Reflect your company’s priorities and particular requirements
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