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Online Drivers Ed in Colorado: What to Know and Consider

It’s no secret that the growing concern over the current health crisis is disrupting daily lives in a variety of ways. Vacations have been cancelled, social events are indefinitely postponed, and education has gone in a digital direction. 

Many parents planned to enroll their teenagers in drivers ed this summer, and while the traditional in-person classes are not available until the State of Colorado determines it is safe to resume normal operations, online drivers education is still an option. Online classes allow students to learn from the comfort and safety of their own homes, and when it comes time for behind-the-wheel training, they can conveniently schedule their one-on-one lessons at a time when it is safe to do so. 

If you’re a parent of a teen who is ready to learn how to drive and have never considered utilizing an online driving school before, here are a few things to keep in mind:

The Benefits of Online Drivers Education

In the modern age, online education is quickly becoming a preferred method of learning, and when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why. Here are a few of the perks that virtual drivers education presents:

  • Convenience. With online drivers ed programs, students can complete their coursework from anywhere that has an internet connection, and they can do so during the times that best fit their schedules, whether that’s during the day or night. Parents no longer need to worry about rushing to get their sons and daughters to class on time or pick them up. 
  • Easily accessible. For those living in rural areas, even the nearest drivers ed location can be a lengthy drive away. Families can weed out this frustration by opting for online learning. 
  • Flexible pacing. A huge advantage of online learning is that students can learn at their own pace. They can take as long as they need to fully comprehend a concept, and they won’t feel bogged down if they naturally prefer to comb through the material at a quicker rate. Additionally, parents don’t need to worry about them falling behind if they need to miss a class session, as they can simply log in and out of the course at their leisure. 
  • No textbooks. Most online driving schools provide all of the materials a student needs, meaning that there is no textbook required. 
  • Auto-insurance discounts. Many insurance companies provide auto insurance discounts for students who take a certified drivers ed course, online programs included. 
  • In-person driving lessons included. Once your teen completes the course and passes his/her permit test, many online drivers ed programs also include a certain number of driving lessons so that students can safely learn how to apply their new knowledge to the road. If you seek out companies where the in-person lessons never expire, you can assure your teen will receive expert instruction when the State lifts the social distance order. 

Common Concerns vs. Reality 

Those who have never taken any kind of online course occasionally have reservations about it. Whether you and/or your teen feel hesitant about digital drivers ed programs, it helps to take a look at some of the most common concerns and the reality behind them:

  • Students won’t be engaged in the material like they would be in the classroom. Many parents worry that their teenagers won’t do well in the course because it will consist of dry text without the addition of the instructor’s unique presentation of it. In actuality, quality online courses are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, utilizing a blend of animations, games, and videos to make the content equally informative and entertaining. 
  • Students won’t be able to ask instructors questions. Any reputable online course will allow your student to reach out to a support team with any questions or software issues.
  • The material won’t be as thorough. When the company is reliable and trustworthy, the material presented online is exactly the same as what students would learn in the classroom; it’s just presented in an alternate form. Students will be just as ready as their classroom counterparts to master the written permit test. 
  • Students won’t be able to focus. While certain personalities do get easily distracted when left to their own devices, the self-pacing advantage, paired with the use of varied, engaging mediums, should help mitigate any attention-related issues. Additionally, most programs are divided into easily digestible chunks, helping students focus without becoming overwhelmed. 

Selecting the Right Online Driving School

If you’re ready to enroll your teen in an online drivers education course, you’ll quickly see that there is no shortage of options to choose from. Before deciding, it’s important to keep in mind that not all online courses are created equal, and even some of the quality options may not meet the legal requirements your teenager needs to successfully get his/her permit or license.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right online driving school:

  • Ensure the drivers ed program is certified and approved by the DMV in Colorado. Each state has various drivers education laws that teenagers must follow, and it’s important to ensure that your son or daughter doesn’t waste time and money on an online course that does not fulfill the necessary requirements. 
  • Seek out credibility. Driving schools approved by the Colorado DMV and AAA, as well as those with high ratings from the Better Business Bureau, must meet stringent standards and are generally safe to trust. 
  • Trust in the community. While there are a plethora of companies that provide online drivers education, it helps to choose one that has a strong reputation in your local community. Longevity and solid testimonials help demonstrate whether a provider is regarded in high esteem, which helps give you confidence that your student driver will learn from a program curated by expert instructors. Additionally, selecting a local company increases the likelihood that your teen’s course will be tailored to Colorado laws, ensuring a stronger foundation for safe driving. 
  • Look for options. You may want to extend your adolescent’s education as far as you can, meaning a fuller course that includes advanced classes or additional in-person driving lessons would be best. Additionally, you can merge the classroom experience with the safety net of the digital setting by enrolling your teen in a live online drivers ed course where the students meet with expert instructors over Zoom. This way, they can engage and ask questions in real time, which strongly mimics the traditional classroom experience. 

Closing Up

Hopefully this information helps answer some of your questions, alleviates some of your concerns, and narrows down what to look for in an online drivers ed program. Learning to drive is one of the greatest privileges in a young person’s life, and you naturally want to select an option that will set your son or daughter up for success from the very start. While the current health emergency has undoubtedly put some obstacles in the road, life continues to move along. With online education, you can prioritize safety while still sharing in the excitement of your teenager learning how to be a skilled motorist. 

DriveSafe Driving Schools Offers a Variety of Online Drivers Ed Courses

Here at DriveSafe, we are proud to offer a variety of online driving courses to accommodate your individual budget and needs, whether you’re looking for a traditional online driving course or an engaging live online Zoom class. All of our online courses are state approved, and our digital curriculum is designed with the same expertise, passion, and enthusiasm that has allowed us to become Colorado’s most trusted driving school. 

Browse our packages, or get in touch to find out how we can help your teenager start the process of becoming an independent driver. We are here to help!

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