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Searching for Colorado Jobs? Why Working as a Driving Instructor Is a Rewarding Career Path

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There are few moments in a young person’s life as exciting as getting a drivers license. For those who have just passed their road test and are given the go-ahead to operate a vehicle independently, the feelings of accomplishment and excitement are palpable. Nearly everyone who has obtained a drivers license can instantly recall the moment when they first drove on their own and felt free in a way that they never have before. 

This unforgettable moment is possible because the student driver worked hard to master their behind-the-wheel skills, but it’s also possible because that person had a mentor, or maybe several mentors, willing to show him/her the ropes. This is one reason why becoming a driving instructor can be an incredibly rewarding career path. Those who center their professional lives around helping others become safe motorists get to make a positive impact on many lives day in and day out. 

If you’re someone who enjoys making a difference in your community and is considering a career change, here are a few reasons why becoming a driving instructor might be right for you: 

Enrich the Lives of Others By Teaching Them a Lifelong Skill

As mentioned above, helping someone learn how to drive makes a tremendous, direct impact on that person’s life. When you’ve been driving for years, it’s easy to forget how much being able to operate a vehicle improves everyday living. Whether it’s the convenience and efficiency of being able to run a quick errand, the access to employment opportunities where being able to drive is a required skill, or the freedom to jump in the car for an adventurous road trip, having a drivers license is always advantageous.

Additionally, driving is a lifelong skill and a big responsibility. It’s important that students learn from the start how to make safe, cautious decisions behind-the-wheel. Driving instructors play a vital role in helping students form these safe habits early on, ensuring that they have the resources to make solid choices as drivers throughout their entire lives. 

By helping students become safe motorists, driving instructors also play an influential role in enhancing community safety as well. After all, the more well-educated drivers there are, the safer the roads will be for everyone. 

Enhance Your Communication Skills and Mentorship Abilities

Driving instructors need to give clear instructions and feedback, which requires strong communication skills and mentorship abilities. While it’s important to have these skills from the start, working as a driving instructor for a significant period of time can greatly boost competence in these areas. Communication skills naturally strengthen, as driving instructors must provide direction under a variety of conditions, including some stressful ones. They also work with a variety of students who all learn in slightly different ways.

Additionally, students see their driving instructors as expert, trusted advisors. To fulfill this mentorship role effectively, instructors must be able to provide personalized feedback that is both positive and critical. Being able to constructively point out areas where students need to improve while remaining encouraging rather than belittling is imperative. As time goes on and they get more experience with this role, most driving instructors develop a healthy balance of being direct but supportive. Becoming better communicators and teachers oftens lead to success both professionally and personally, illustrating another perk of the job

Work a Flexible Schedule

For those who like to branch out from the typical 9-5 routine, providing driving lessons generally offers quite a bit of flexibility with scheduling. Aside from summertime, most students attend school during the day, so afternoons, evenings, and weekends are often the best time for them to engage with drivers ed. Additionally, many drivers education companies offer both full-time and part-time positions, allowing employees to choose how heavy their workload is. 

Experience Variety Every Day

Working as a driving instructor means that every day will be slightly different, and this can help keep the job exciting for anyone who gets tired of monotony. Where the driving lessons take place will vary, which means the streets, highways, and scenery will too. The unique encounters on the road will also differ from one day to the next; one day could be full of courteous drivers, while another day might present many opportunities to point out examples of how not to drive. Similarly, each student will be unique as well. Some will be confident and humorous, and others will be shy and anxious. While most will be teenagers, many adults also take driving lessons for a variety of reasons, including adults who are new to the United States and need to learn how to drive in a new country, those who are from big cities where public transit was more accessible, or adults who are overcoming a lifelong hesitance to get behind the wheel. 

Benefit from Steady Work

As long as vehicles function as a primary mode of transportation, people will need to learn how to operate them. This creates steady work for driving instructors, as there will always be student drivers who need someone to teach them how to drive. With many jobs being replaced by technology, it’s hard to imagine that there will ever be a replacement for teaching someone how to drive out in the real world on real roads. 

Closing Up

Teaching someone how to become a safe driver is a big responsibility, but it’s also deeply rewarding and can be quite enjoyable. Driving instructors help students build skills that they will use throughout their entire lifetime, which is quite remarkable. If you’re looking for a steady career opportunity where you can make a difference to aspiring drivers and the community as a whole, put your natural communication and mentorship abilities to use, and experience work that allows for day-to-day variety, becoming a driving instructor might be a perfect option. 

DriveSafe Is Hiring Colorado Driving Instructors!

DriveSafe Driving Schools is Colorado’s largest and most trusted driving school. We have helped thousands of students obtain the skills necessary to become safe, competent motorists, and it’s in large part because of our amazing driving instructors that we are able to have such an impactful reach in our Colorado communities. 

Rated as one of Colorado’s Top Workplaces by the Denver Post seven years in a row, we understand that it’s our hard-working employees who help us to be successful. If you’re interested in joining a team where you will be valued and where you will be able to directly make a difference to fellow Coloradans, visit our CAREERS page and apply to one of our driving instructor job openings. We look forward to hearing from you!

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