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Drivers Ed for Teens

Choose from several comprehensive drivers education courses

Learning how to drive is a life-changing milestone, and most teenagers can’t wait for the day that they are able to take over the driver’s seat. It’s one of the most anticipated coming-of-age privileges, but it’s also a big responsibility. This sentiment often causes parents to feel a natural mix of excitement and hesitation when their teenagers are old enough to begin drivers education. 

Here at DriveSafe, we fully appreciate the vote of confidence that parents give us by entrusting us to teach their sons and daughters this important life skill. We do everything that we can to be worthy of this trust by exceeding the
Colorado DMV’s drivers ed requirements, teaching and modeling only the safest driving practices, and building a supportive, student-focused learning environment. 

We are happy to offer a variety of drivers ed courses that can accommodate various budgets and schedules. Between our Basic, Plus, Safe Driver, and Premium Safe Driver packages, you will be able to find the drivers ed class that is right for your unique needs.

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Basic Drivers Education
Plus Drivers Education
Safe Driver Drivers Education
Safe Driver Drivers Education
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30-Hour Drivers Ed Course
Written Permit Test
6-Hours of Driving Lessons
Drivers License Test
3-Hour Defensive Skills Day
4 Additional Hours of Driving Lessons
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DriveSafe for Life Guarantee™
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DriveSafe is Colorado’s largest and most trusted driving school, and our locations can be found all throughout the Denver-Metro area. We also frequently offer driving courses at satellite locations to serve more of Colorado’s aspiring drivers. To find a DriveSafe center near you, you can visit our locations page.

If you’re interested in convenient driving courses that can be completed anytime and anywhere, you can learn more about our self-paced online options here

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30-Hour Drivers Ed Course

In our DMV-approved drivers ed course, students learn the information that they will need to pass their learners permit tests as well as how to make safe, sensible decisions behind the wheel. Students can take this drivers ed course in person at one of our driving school locations, or they can complete it through our live-taught Zoom classes. Because our Zoom courses follow the same pace as our in-person options, they serve as a great alternative for students who want to interact with an instructor and other students but aren’t able to easily commute to one of our physical locations.
Please note that students cannot switch between the two formats.

Written Permit Test

In addition to our drivers ed courses that prepare students for the written permit test, we are also state-certified to offer the test at our DriveSafe locations. The test covers Colorado’s driving regulations, and it consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. By skipping the stress of the DMV and taking the written exam in a familiar, friendly environment, students are able to focus more thoroughly on the questions in front of them.

6-Hours of Driving Lessons

During these driving lessons, students will work one-on-one with caring, state-certified driving instructors to build the skills necessary to become safe and competent drivers. Our expert instructors work hard to ensure that each student’s experience is inspiring and impactful, as our goal is for everyone to leave our driving school feeling confident in their driving abilities and fully supported throughout the entire learning process.

Drivers License Test

The drivers license test evaluates students on over 100 items, which can lead to test anxiety in even the most confident of student drivers. Our drivers license tests are conducted by patient, experienced instructors who work hard to create a calm environment where students can fully focus on the road in front of them. Regardless of whether a student passes or fails, every road test concludes with constructive, supportive feedback.

3-Hour Defensive Skills Driving Class

During this three-hour class, students learn defensive driving skills that will help them be better prepared to handle hazardous scenarios. While traditional drivers ed classes cover the skills needed for day-to-day travels, our defensive skills class teaches more advanced techniques that focus on the unpredictable nature of the road. Students have fun with this engaging, hands-on defensive skills course, and parents get to rest easier knowing that their sons and daughters will leave the class more equipped to safely respond to emergencies. Topics covered include handling a vehicle during a skid, making precise maneuvers, recognizing and actively avoiding hazards, driving without distractions, and performing basic car maintenance. 

4 Additional Hours of Driving Lessons

Our drivers education courses include six hours of driving lessons, but additional instruction is always beneficial for teens who are just learning how to drive. By enrolling in four additional hours of driving lessons with state-certified instructors, students will receive more valuable, personalized feedback from experts who model and reinforce only the safest driving habits.

Insurance Discounts May Apply for Driving School Graduates

As many parents know, car insurance for teen drivers is notoriously expensive. Luckily, many insurance providers acknowledge the value of drivers education by reducing their insurance rates for driving school graduates. Students who complete accredited drivers ed courses tend to be more responsible drivers, which is why these companies feel comfortable insuring them at lower costs.

DriveSafe for Life Guarantee™ 

Our DriveSafe for Life Guarantee™ allows all DriveSafe students to meet with an instructor to address any issues or questions that they have, regardless of how much time has passed since they left our driving school. Our instructors will be happy to explain explain how to resolve the issue or make a recommendation for further instruction if necessary. We truly are committed to helping our students become safe drivers for life.

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